eHealth & ICNP™

ICN believes that information and communication technology must be used, even exploited, in healthcare to bring scientific knowledge and well-informed practice to individuals, families and communities with health-related needs. The goals of the ICN eHealth Programme are to support eHealth practice, to be recognised as an authority on eHealth, and to be positioned centrally in the eHealth community. With policies and strategies applicable throughout the work of ICN as well as external partnerships, the ICN eHealth programme seeks to advance nurses’ knowledge of and involvement in eHealth worldwide.

The International Classification for Nursing Practice, or (ICNP), is an international standard that facilitates the description and comparison of nursing practice locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The ICNP terminology serves a critical role for ICN in facilitating representation of the domain of nursing practice worldwide to promote evidenced based quality care. ICNP provides nurses with content solutions for electronic health records (EHRs) at all levels to support data-based information for use in practice, administration, education and research.

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