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The International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) provides an agreed set of terms that can be used to record the observations and interventions of nurses across the world. ICNP also provides a framework for sharing data about nursing and for comparing nursing practice across settings.

There are a number of benefits associated with the use of ICNP. ICNP is helping to:

  • increase nursing visibility, ensure safety and enhance quality
  • ensure that nursing is adequately represented in multidisciplinary health information systems
  • ensure that nurses have the information tools they need to meet the changing health and care needs of citizens
  • enhance practice and support policy-making through national information standards
  • support both general and specialist nursing practice across settings
  • ensure that the contribution of nursing is accurately captured in resource management systems
  • support evidence-based practice
  • bring different nursing terminologies together.

A number of ICN accredited ICNP research and development centres help with the development of ICNP, through membership of the ICNP Editorial Board, by reviewing new concept submissions, and using a technical implementation guide to support ICNP implementation. A number of translations of ICNP are available that have been developed under a set of guidelines for translation.

A request for new concepts to be included in ICNP can be submitted by research and development centres, nurses or organisations such as National Nurses Associations. The submission concept form is here, please download and complete it. To submit your application, please send the fulfilled document to [email protected].

Under an agreement with ICN, SNOMED International now manages, produces, releases and distributes ICNP as part of SNOMED CT, the most comprehensive clinical terminology in use around the world. ICN continues to retain ownership and define the content of ICNP, while reaching many more potential nurse users. More information on basis of the agreement with SNOMED International is available via a discussion paper, and a set of frequently asked questions about ICNP.

For any questions related to ICNP, please contact us at [email protected]