GNLI Alumni Testimonial: Prof Charlotte McArdle

9 March 2021

Chief Nursing Officer, Northern Ireland Department of Health Belfast, GNLI Alumni 2017

Professor McArdle has had a keen interest in population health throughout her career, realising the need to shift investment in health services from reactive care to creating a proactive system that offers early intervention and prevention. Her preferred starting point is child health, where there is the greatest potential for delivering future population health benefits. These ideas were cemented during her engagement in the GNLI 2017 programme, where she gained a better insight into global health policy and the work of the World Health Organization and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Inspired by Sir Michael Marmot’s statement about “giving every child the best start in life”, she went on to lead the expansion of a Family Nurse Partnership programme for young teenage mothers across Northern Ireland. The evaluation of the programme showed that it breaks the cycle of disadvantage, increases opportunities, empowers young women to get back to employment and education, and builds stronger family networks for the future. These outcomes echo the Triple Impact Report, demonstrating investment in highly skilled nurses contributes to a stronger economy. Professor McArdle is currently working with Sir Michael Marmot and other global leaders on a publication to define the role of nurses in population and community health, with ongoing plans to get this on the radar of governments and healthcare organisations internationally. Professor McArdle is determined to respond to the social determinants of health by “putting health in all policies” and “empowering nurses to have a seat at the policy table”.

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