Chief Nurse Blog: Nursing Matters December 2022

19 December 2022

My December Blog will wrap up the 2022 year in the spirit of recognition, gratitude, appreciation and collective nursing leadership for scale up, spread and sustainability.

The renowned Global Nurse Leadership Institute (GNLI) is an innovative, unique and prestigious ICN flagship international policy leadership programme for top experienced senior nurses. The national, regional and local influence, impact and enhanced competence, confidence, collaboration and career pathway trajectories for alumni is cherished.

The impressive expertise and commitment beyond GNLI scholarship have been ignited through the ICN GNLI Alumni Network (GNL-AN) volunteerism mobilizing regionally to support the ICN mandate and advance implementation and monitoring the strategic directions for nursing and midwifery through leadership, education, service delivery and jobs policy.

Our first GNLI Alumni Leadership Steering Group met virtually in November 2022 with ICN Chief Nurse Dr Michelle Acorn, Programme Manager Stella de Sabata, and GNLI Programme Director Dr Diana Mason. Congratulations to the inaugural co-chairs Dr Jed Montayre (WPRO) and Angela Wignall (PAHO)!

GNLI Alumni Regional highlighted their regional priorities.

Regional Coordinators Region Priorities & Activities

Dr Grace Tadzong-Awasum

Dr Comrade Lawal-Aiyedun Olubunmi

  • Strengthen nursing leadership structures - project in AFRO and WHO AFRO office.
  • Strengthen research and advocacy capacity among nurses.
  • Establish cross region collaboration for research projects.

Ms Eva Said

Professor Nuhad Yazbik Dumit

  • Advance strategic nursing education at preservice level, nursing jobs, nursing leadership and service delivery.
  • Capacity building for nurse leadership, policy, regulation, education, professional development and service excellence.

Professor Vanessa Heaslip

Dr Gillian Janes

  • Finalise and publish an editorial on the role of nurses and midwives in leading digital health.
  • Integrated Review on the role of nurses and midwives in leading digital health.
  • Led Florence Nightingale International Foundation webinar on digital care, Nov 2022: Statement by ICN, WHO Europe, and EFNNMA in support of the WHO Europe Digital Health Action Plan at the 72nd Regional Committee Sept 2022. The action plan was adopted by 14 member states.

Dr Sudath Warnakulasuriya

Professor Chandrakala Sharma

SEARO Members are engaged in leadership activities related to competency and confidence building through education and as advancing mental health supports.

Ms Angela Wignall

Ms Mona Haimour


Develop regional policy briefs

  • Overview of process to identify policy areas of priorities.
  • Nursing representation in policy and political leadership.
  • Investing in crisis nursing leadership development skills.
  • Advanced practice nursing health human resource action plan.
  • Strengthening regulatory frameworks for nursing.

Dr Jed Montayre

Professor Shelley Nowlan

Dr Ching-Min Chen

  • Workforce issues within the context of the pandemic.
  • Capacity building and mentoring leaders on research collaboration (mental health, chronic conditions and aging workforce).
  • Rural communities to progress nursing and midwifery leadership.

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Thank you to our ICN members, Nursing Now Groups and valued partners for your gift of professional dedication, nursing services and leadership in the spirit of health.

Save the date and enjoy the early bird pricing for ICN Congress 2023 in Montreal where we will celebrate, share knowledge and strategically network with members and the GNLI Alumni for the health of our profession, our countries and the world. The ICN Congress is the event of the year – not to be missed!

My resolution for 2023 is to recommit my intent to lead, strengthen ICN membership value and engagement, and catapult the global voice of nurses across systems and the world.

What are yours? Share and spread them!

Yours in nursing and health.

All my best, Michelle

Dr Michelle Acorn ICN Chief Nurse, DNP NP PHC/Adult, FCAN, FAAN, CGNC