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Global Nursing Leadership Institute™ (GNLI)

The innovative and acclaimed Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI)™ is a strategic policy leadership programme focused on strengthening your political and policy understanding and influence. It is framed by nursing opportunities in a global movement committed to sustainable development and explores key themes that underpin the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. In GNLI 2021, an emphasis on health disparities and the COVID-19 pandemic primes scholars to participate in local, regional, national and global policy discussions and actions.

GNLI alumni have:

  • Better knowledge and skills for influencing policy
  • Improved ability to identify, understand and work with stakeholders within and beyond the nursing profession
  • Greater awareness of the competencies needed to negotiate with policy stakeholders
  • Enhanced ability to review and frame the evidence base within local, national and international political, health and social care contexts
  • Stronger competence in strategic communications, with policy messages that appeal to politicians, policy-makers and the public

GNLI scholars who complete the programme use these skills in many important activities to improve health outcomes. These include leading and contributing to major policies affecting health, including national action plans for nursing and midwifery; reforming nursing education and regulation; leading clinical developments; conducting research to inform and evaluate policy; and ensuring nursing voices are heard alongside other stakeholders. They have also been in the forefront of the Nursing Now campaign, globally and in their countries.


Who should apply?

Leading nurses and midwives who work in:

  • government and civil service (government chief nurse)
  • national nursing regulatory bodies (registrar)
  • international, national or large regional health organisations, including health service providers and nongovernmental organisations (chief executive, director of nursing, senior head of departments and programmes)
  • senior nurse practitioners (leading advanced practice development)
  • professional nursing associations (president, vice-president, chief executive)
  • trade unions with significant nursing membership (president, vice-president, chief executive, head of nursing department)
  • education, research and development (dean, senior professor, director of research department or large programme)

Seize this opportunity to join fellow nursing leaders and influence global and local health policy!

Find out more about GNLI 2021 here

This programme is supported by The Burdett Trust for Nursing



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