Today is World Stroke Day!

28 October 2019

Nearly 14 million people will have a stroke this year and around 5.5 million people will die as a result. Stroke can have different short- and long-term effects depending on which part of the brain is affected and how quickly it is treated.

Stroke is a leading cause of death globally, with the majority of these occurring in developing countries. It is also the leading cause of disability and many survivors have to adapt to life with restrictions in their daily lives with the need for continuous support.

Up to 90% of strokes could be prevented by addressing a small number of risk factors, including hypertension, diet, smoking and exercise. Preventive action on stroke would also contribute to a massive scale reduction in stroke and would contribute to global goals to reduce cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other significant causes of death and suffering worldwide.

Nurses have a pivotal role in all aspects across the continuum of care from prevention and primary health care via screening, emergency management, recovery and rehabilitation, community nursing, and data collection and analysis. Nurses are uniquely positioned to implement holistic approaches to address and improve all facets in stroke care.

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