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New CGFNS International and ICN certification will produce a registry of experts to contribute to national and global nursing and healthcare policy

17 February 2021

The nursing profession is increasingly being relied upon for its expertise in a widening array of public health and workforce issues around the world. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) and CGFNS International, Inc. (CGFNS) are pleased to announce the first-ever certification program to recognize nurses’ extraordinary capabilities and develop a cadre of Certified Global Nurse Consultants (CGNC). This new program enables ICN to identify and certify a body of accomplished nurses who will form a powerful resource of specialists to address the increasing demand for expert nursing advice worldwide. This rigorous certification program is designed to capture nurses’ credentials across the span of their career, including their unique contributions to healthcare, their specific areas of expertise, and their professional and educational accomplishments.

Through the CGNC certification program, CGFNS and ICN will recognize the capabilities of nurses from around the world serving in a variety of roles, from specialized clinicians and policymakers to educators, administrators, and beyond. Those who meet the CGNC standards will be issued a certificate that validates their body of knowledge and experience, allowing them to contribute to various ICN initiatives and consult with governments, healthcare institutions and NGOs seeking the nursing perspective on global health issues posed both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

ICN President Annette Kennedy said: “ICN is the global voice of the world’s 27 million nurses and we know that healthcare policies work best when nurses are involved in their formulation. Nurses must have a seat at the policy table, and this exciting scheme will guarantee that we have recognised experts who will advocate most effectively and powerfully for nursing and health improvements. Certified Global Nurse Consultants will amplify the voice of nurses in policymaking, improve the response to current health challenges nationally and globally, and provide advice to shape the future of healthcare.”

Franklin A. Shaffer, EdD, RN, FAAN, FFNMRCSI, President and CEO of CGFNS International, said: “As the largest and most trusted health profession, nurses are being called to provide solutions for the world’s most pressing public health needs. By certifying the breadth and depth of their experience, the CGNC program will put expert nurses at the forefront of efforts addressing global issues at a time when they are needed most.”

The timing of the CGNC program couldn’t be better as the world acknowledges the remarkable achievements of nurses - especially those now on the frontlines of COVID-19 - during the World Health Organization’s International Year of Health and Care Workers, and as CGFNS and ICN mark the 16th anniversary of another successful collaboration, the International Centre on Nurse Migration (ICNM).

“Through our longstanding partnership with ICN, CGFNS is pleased to continue strengthening the global capacity and capability of the nursing profession and provide an opportunity for nurses to lend their expertise to solving challenges in public health, clinical specialty, policymaking, workforce development, and education,” Dr Shaffer said.

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