ICN’s GNLI senior nurse leaders address global health crisis

23 January 2023
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Senior nurse leaders addressed a range of key global health issues, including UHC 2030, nurse shortages and patient safety as part of their discussions on ICN’s Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI) programme.

The current cohort of scholars on the GNLI programme started their second module earlier with an official online launch, headed by ICN President Dr Pamela Cipriano and Chief Executive Officer Howard Catton.

Dr Cipriano said nurses leaders had a responsibility to use their unique skills and perspective to address the global health crisis: “This is the time to make sure that all of us in leadership positions are doing everything that we can to assert that influence in raising voice and visibility of nursing. This is our time to really step forward, to continue to be bold, to make the case for how nurses and nursing can move progress on Universal Health Care, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the other high-level priorities.”

Mr Catton underscored the importance of nurse leaders rising to the challenges and reminded participants that the pandemic had shown the world how much their leadership was needed at the highest level: “We know nursing and we know health way better than the majority of people who have been elected to lead us. Nurses have to be at the centre of post pandemic healthcare systems, without their voice we will not succeed in overcoming the myriad of health challenges we face.”

The GNLI is a unique leadership programme that brings together nursing scholars from every region of the world to share their skills and provide them with exposure to global health leadership and policymaking at the very highest level. Graduates from the GNLI programme learn the skills necessary to actively participate and influence policymaking in healthcare organisations, governments and internationally.

Applications for the GNLI 2023 cohort are now open, the deadline is 19 February. They will become part of a select cadre of global nursing experts whose leadership is helping to transform healthcare.

For more information go to the GNLI programme website.

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