ICN Chief Nurse Blog - June 2021

17 June 2021

It is my privilege connect with you as the inaugural ICN Chief Nurse. As a brief introduction: my career spans over 30 years, evolving from diploma to post-doctoral education, including a Doctor of Nurse Practitioner/Nursing Practice. I have pioneered Nurse-led models of interprofessional care across multiple health care sectors. Now transitioning from executive leadership as the Provincial Chief Nursing Officer in Ontario, Canada. I am passionate about my career, am happily married, and have four adult children.

As I virtually orientate, I commend the lean, nimble, respected and influential global impact of the Board and staff. I marvel at our members commitment and leadership, scope and reach of regional and world system contributions, and valued relationships. I am excited to learn from you and work together to shape future enhancements.

As I embark on my mandate of strategically transforming ICN Nursing & Health work, I am mindful of the foundational pillars to ensure a global impact on health lens, empowerment value for members regionally and nationally, and impactful leadership to advance the nursing profession. A SOAR (strengths, opportunities, aspirations and results) lens will shape integration across our professional career trajectories from novice to expert, regardless of country and sector to diversify the reach from bedside to boardroom, as bureaucrats, or beyond.

On the tail of uniting collectively to celebrate International Nurses Day, you demonstrate the power of our health work force worldwide through your voices, actions, expertise and compassion both as formal and informal leaders.

Nurse’s pivot and continue to shape recovery from the COVID effect to embrace the opportunities and narrow the identified glaring system gaps. You are vital, valued, visible and visionary.

Yours in nursing and health,