GNLI Scholar Testimonial: Ram Nowzadick

9 December 2020

Ram N

Ram Nowzadick is the President of the Mauritius Nursing Association.

He told ICN about how attending the Global Nursing Leadership Institute programme in 2015 has changed his approach to leadership in the intervening years.

"As President of the Mauritius Nursing Association since 2009 it was important for me to undertake the GNLI programme.

‘The programme was of a very high standard and I gained valuable insight into leadership skills at an international level.

‘The network we have created among the participants is very dynamic and fruitful. We have exchanged information, and this has helped me to improve the quality of my leadership, which has helped nursing in my country.

‘The programme has helped me to identify strengths and weakness in my leadership skills and I felt enriched by the expert guidance I received about leadership qualities and skills.

‘The exposure to international nursing that I gained in the programme has helped me to recognise areas for personal and professional development. I was motivated to pursue higher studies in mental health and management field, and since completing the programme I have been promoted as a nurse mentor. The programme also helped me to become more effective in my role as president of the Mauritius Nursing Association.

‘I would definitely recommend the GNLI programme to others, and I am looking forward to sending more of our management committee members to attend it in the future. It is really excellent for developing effective nursing leadership.’


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