GNLI 2021 launches Module 2 of its programme, building influence and leadership

19 January 2022

Scholars on ICN’s 2021 Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI), led by Programme Director Dr Diana Mason, met virtually this week for module 2 of the programme.

The GNLI, which is supported by the Burdett Trust, is ICN’s strategic leadership development programme, which is focused on strengthening very senior nurses‘ abilities to influence healthcare policy at national and global levels.

The scholars were welcomed by ICN President Dr Pamela Cipriano, ICN Chief Executive Officer Howard Catton and ICN Chief Nursing Officer Michelle Acorn.

Dr Cipriano said that the GNLI is an essential component of ICN’s ability to work hand-in-hand with National Nursing Associations to build their influence to affect change: “We want to be bold, we want to make waves.”

Mr Catton said the programme would enable participants to help “maintain nurses’ profile beyond the pandemic and to bring forward nursing evidence, practice and solutions to be part of the public and political debate for the future we want.”

As well as reviewing their progress to date and presenting individual projects, scholars were given a presentation from ICN Senior Policy Advisor Erica Burton about ICN’s work as the voice of nursing at the World Health Assembly, where decisions about the World Health Organization’s activities are made.

The GNLI programme explores health inequalities in relation to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and equips scholars with the skills, knowledge, and abilities necessary to lead nursing in local, national, regional, and global health and social policy.

For more information go to the GNLI website