End of Year Greetings from Dr Pamela Cipriano, President, International Council of Nurses

22 December 2021

As the International Year of the Health and Care Worker comes to a close, on behalf of the Board and staff of the International Council of Nurses, I would like to thank you for your support and solidarity throughout this year. Nurses continued to be challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic; yet far from backing down in the face of these challenges, they have stood up to them with incredible strength and dedication despite difficult and even life-threatening working conditions. The daily care nurses provide in all settings is now receiving more recognition and accolades from the public, yet little in the way of serious investment from governments and health systems.

Throughout the pandemic, ICN has lobbied and advocated for the protection and support of nurses, calling on governments to invest in the nursing workforce in order to strengthen health systems and provide quality care to all. As the global voice of nursing, ICN ensures that nurses remain in the spotlight, and that their expert knowledge and voices are heard at the highest levels of policy and decision-making. As the new president of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), I am committed to increasing nurses’ influence at the global, national and local levels, for it is only with the input and influence of nurses that we can learn from the lessons of this pandemic, and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage.

The world has witnessed the value of nurses through this pandemic: educating the public, providing vaccines, saving lives and accompanying the dying in their final hours. It is now time for the world to provide appropriate recognition to nurses for their efforts. It is time for governments and health systems to invest in nursing education, address the growing nursing shortage, provide positive practice environments and adequate remuneration, ensure gender equity and involve nurses in decision making at all levels in all aspects of health and healthcare. ICN will continue to work to advance the nursing profession, promote the wellbeing of nurses, and advocate for health in all policies.

Nursing is the solution—that is right under our noses!—to address the world’s growing health care needs. Investment in the nursing workforce means we can restore, transform and strengthen health systems to ensure health equity. ICN is excited to be part of building a stronger, more resilient, competent and satisfied nursing workforce to meet the challenges ahead.

As we work towards ending the COVID-19 pandemic in 2022, please join us in remembering the nurses we lost to COVID-19, as well as other disasters. In lieu of sending greeting cards, ICN will make a donation to the ICN Humanitarian Fund which aims to support nurses working in areas and times of disaster. If you would also like to support nurses working in these challenging situations, please make a donation here.

Best wishes for 2022!


Dr Pamela F. Cipriano
President, International Council of Nurses