RNAO-ICNP Research and Development Centre

The ICN-Accredited RNAO-ICNP Research and Development Centre is located in Ontario, Canada. The mission of this Centre is to advance evidence based nursing practice and health outcomes through its collaboration with ICN to map nursing order sets and nursing sensitive outcome measures, derived from its internationally renowned Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs), to ICNP. These ICNP-encoded products contribute to ICN’s eHealth Program; provide standardized nursing interventions that can be embedded within electronic medical/health records globally; and, facilitate electronic data collection and evaluation of nursing sensitive outcomes derived from RNAO’s BPGs.

Contact: RNAO ICNP R & D Centre 158 Pearl Street Toronto, ONT M5H 1L3

Telephone: 416-599-1925 (ext 207) Website: www.RNAO.ca

Director: Dr. Doris Grinspun RN, MSN, PhD, LLD (Hon), O.ONT.

Email: [email protected]