Italian ICNP Research & Development Centre

The ICN Accredited Italian ICNP® Research & Development Centre is located in Milan, Italy at the School of Nursing at Bicocca University of Milan. The mission of the Italian ICNP® Research & Development Centre is to increase and update ICNP® utilization. The center will disseminate and update the terminology translated into Italian, via continuous education and publications; advance the development of ICNP® through research in clinical and educational settings; and promote ICNP® utilisation in e-Health programmes at the National and International level. The development of the Mission will also help give economic value to nursing care. The Center is in continuous collaboration with the National Nursing Association CNAI and other Stakeholders.

Contact: Italian ICNP® Research & Development Centre School of Medicine and Surgery, Bicocca University of Milan  Via Cadore, 48 20052 Monza (MB) ITALY  Telephone: +02/6448.8149 Fax: +039/233.2576 Director: Prof. Dr. Stefania Di Mauro Email:  [email protected]