Centre for ICNP Research and Development of the Federal University of Paraiba

The Post-Graduate Program in Nursing – Federal University of Paraiba (PPGENF-UFPB) ICNP R&D Centre is located in the northeastern region of Brasil. The Centre’s mission is to support the continuous development of ICNP, to promote the use of ICNP in nursing education and clinical practice, and to collaborate with ICN and the other ICNP R&D Centres to strengthen and broaden ICNP as a reference terminology to be used worldwide. The Centre’s objectives are to develop and validate terms that reflect nursing practice and to submit new terms for suggestions for adaptation/adjustment of existing terms or definitions, expressed in a culturally relevant way. Anticipated outcomes include construction of a nursing essential data bank for nursing practice and the construction of ICNP catalogues.

Contact: Maria Miriam Lima da Nόbrega, RN, MSN, DNS Programa de Pόs-Graduação em Enfermagem Centro de Ciências de Saúde Universidade Federal da Paraiba Campus Universitário CEP 58059-900 João Pessoa - Paraiba BRASIL

Centre Emails: [email protected] [email protected]