Pillar 3. Grow nursing community through collaboration and exchange of knowledge for sustainability


The Nursing Associations Mentorship Initiative (NAMI). Spearheaded by ICN, is a pioneering effort to empower, develop, and sustain ODENNA nursing associations with self-sufficiency in strategic and operational management, facilitated through mentorship pairing, strategic advising, resource sharing, and network expansion, leading to comprehensive improvements in NNA performance.

Mentors will guide mentees in finalizing and implementing their strategic plans or change projects. Mentees will commit to the mentorship process and are willing to act upon the guidance provided.

Benefits of being a mentor association

Mentoring an ODENNA Africa National Nursing Association will:

  1. Drive meaningful change and play a pivotal role in implementing strategic plans and change projects. Mentor insights can revolutionize their healthcare delivery.
  2. Expand global connections, leading to a rich exchange of ideas, practices, and cultures.
  3. Empower mentor and mentee associations through shared knowledge.
  4. Witness tangible results from key input.
  5. Innovate with the mentees, collaborating on projects and strategies.

ODENNA Africa was launched in November 2021 with 23 participating National Nursing Associations.
We are currently matching mentors with the ODENNA NNAs.

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