Organizational Development of National Nursing Associations (ODENNA)




ODENNA is an International Council of Nurses (ICN) Project designed as a next-level assessment, leadership and mentorship programme for national nursing associations wanting to increase their influence, sustainability and advocacy to meet ever-escalating demands.

ODENNA is built on three key pillars

ODENNA Pillars

Pillar 1. IDENTIFY targets for strategic action using the Organizational Assessment Tool​

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Pillar 2. EQUIP representatives to design a project plan, lead and train their colleagues using ICN’s Leadership for Change training​

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Pillar 3. GROW in delivery of strategic or change projects through the Nursing Association Mentorship Initiative and the exchange and collaboration of information and experience​

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Listen to ICN CEO Howard Catton on ODENNA

ODENNA Africa was launched in November 2021 with 23 participating national nursing associations who are actively engaged in strengthening their organizational capacity and building leaders to support sustainable long-term growth

Africa projects

ODENNA Africa is working with National Nursing Associations in these 23 countries

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