Pillar 1. Identify strengths, needs and gaps within the NNA


The Organizational Assessment Tool (OAT) is employed to assess and identify the strengths and needs of NNAs. This comprehensive tool evaluates areas such as governance, management practices, financial resource management, and sustainability.

Following the completion of the OAT, the NNA’s identify what areas of need they will target. This could be a strategic plan, an update to a strategic plan, or a change project for their country.

The OAT evaluates expertise, influence, and management with results reflected in a 5-point rating scale so NNAs can quickly see where they land on the index. See the examples below.

ODENNA Purpose and Outcomes

NNA example 1NNA example 2

ODENNA Africa was launched in November 2021 with 23 participating National Nursing Associations.

They each completed their Organizational Assessment.

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