ICN Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Network (NP/APN Network)

ICN has established the Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Network (NP/APN Network) in order to facilitate communication around common professional interests.

Aims and Objectives

The KEY GOAL of the Network is to become an international resource for nurses practising in Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Advanced Practice Nursing Roles (APN) roles, and interested others (e.g. policymakers, educators, regulators, health planners) by:

- Making relevant and timely information about practice, education, role development, research, policy and regulatory developments, and appropriate events widely available;

- Providing a forum for sharing and exchange of knowledge expertise and experience; Supporting nurses and countries who are in the process of introducing or developing NP or ANP roles and practice;

- Accessing international resources that are pertinent to this field.

What DoesThe Network Do?

The network is an evolving and continually updated forum that :

- Identifies issues early and monitors how they develop.

- Follows trends.

- Offers special expertise through creating a resource pool from network members.

- Disseminates ICN's and others' work in the field.

- Organises meetings and conferences.


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