Board of Directors

The ICN Board of Directors numbers 12 and is comprised of the President, three Vice Presidents and 8 members elected on the basis of ICN voting areas. All members must meet the ICN definition of nurse and be in good standing in an ICN member association. No member of the Board of Directors shall serve more than two consecutive terms of office.

Functions of the Board:

The Board serves as the agent of the Council of National Nursing Association Representatives (CNR) and establishes and carries out policy consistent with the framework established by CNR. Functions include those designated by the constitution and those common to all Boards of Directors and are related to setting and monitoring of policy. The implementation of policy and general management of ICN are the responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer and ICN staff.

Members of the ICN Board of Directors are elected to represent nurses and nursing worldwide. They are not the representative of any country or region. However, the country of origin of each Board Member is shown in the attached list for the purposes of demographic interest.

Board full

Pamela Cipriano President (American Nurses Association)
Lisa Little 1st Vice-President (Canadian Nurses Association)
Karen Bjøro 2nd Vice-President (Norwegian Nurses Organisation)
Lian-Hua Huang 3rd Vice-President (Taiwan Nurses Association)
Andre Gitembagara (Rwanda Nurses and Midwives Union)
Fatima Al Rifai (Emirates Nursing Association)
Yves Mengal (Fédération Nationale des Infirmières de Belgique - FNIB)
José Luis Cobos Serrano (Consejo General de Enfermería de España)
Nora Eloisa Barahona De Peňate (Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras de El Salvador)
Nanthaphan Chinlumprasert (Nurses Association of Thailand)
Megumi Teshima (Japanese Nursing Association)
Alisi Talatoka Vudiniabola (Fiji Nursing Association)