ICN sends message of support to nurses in China and elsewhere who are tackling Coronavirus

28 January 2020

The President of the International Council of Nurses (ICN), Annette Kennedy, has written to the President of the Chinese Nursing Association (CNA), Dr. Wu Xinjuan, offering support to nurses working to alleviate suffering and control the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak in China.

Ms. Kennedy wrote, “Please convey my admiration and solidarity to all the nurses in the region who are continuing to work in such difficult circumstances.

'Providing nursing care to people with such a severe infection carries risks, and I hope your colleagues will stay safe and well while they carry out their duties so selflessly. Assisting individuals and families to deal with this situation is an essential and critically valuable service provided by nurses. I commend you all.”

ICN CEO, Howard Catton said that ICN was closely monitoring the situation and was in contact with the Chinese Nursing Association and the World Health Organization.

He praised the work and courage of nurses on the frontline of both treating and preventing the spread of the Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan and across China, as well as other countries and regions which may be touched by the virus. He also stressed the importance of nurses and all healthcare staff having access to the correct safety equipment and clothing, when dealing with such a virus, be it in China or elsewhere.

Mr Catton said, “Nurses in China, and other affected countries and regions, are at the frontline of detecting, managing and preventing the spread of this virus. They are working incredibly hard, with both courage and compassion, in extremely difficult and stressful circumstances. It is essential that we protect both their safety and that of the patients they are caring for. This means that they must be provided with the personal protective equipment to safely care for those with the virus and ensure that the virus is not spread further.

'Nurses around the world will be thinking of and sending their support to nurses and all healthcare staff fighting this virus. ICN stands in solidarity with our colleagues and will work to support co-ordinated global efforts in the battle to contain the spread of this serious infection.”