ICN releases a song for nurses everywhere to celebrate their incredible contribution to the health of the world

22 July 2020
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“I am a Nurse” is released as a tribute to the global nursing family and their steadfast commitment to the people they serve, especially in this extraordinary year

ICN has released a new song and video in honour of the exceptional work nurses do and their commitment to the people who rely on their care and dedication.

“I am a Nurse,” an uplifting song that ICN hopes will become the anthem for nurses everywhere, is available online to download from the usual music websites, including iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, etc.

The vocals were recorded by nurses from around the world, including the Tongan Nurses Choir, with each nurse recording themselves on their smart phones at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The song’s lyrics distil the stark and challenging realities of nursing, and its joyous aspects too.

ICN President Annette Kennedy said she hoped it would be heard everywhere as a reminder of what the world owes to its nurses.

“I am a nurse is something that all nurses say with great pride, and it is now something they can sing with immense dignity and joy. I hope nurses will take this song to their hearts and sing it in their own languages right around the planet. Its lyrics chime with nurses’ own experiences, but they also speak to anyone who has been a patient, recognising as they do the unique contact that nurses have with their patients, and the often-unforgettable impact they have on the people who receive their care. It is a glorious tribute to nurses wherever they are: I hope they will sing it loud and sing it proud, ‘I am a Nurse’.”

The song was written by ICN staff writer and editor Colin Parish, who trained as a nurse in the UK in the 1970s, and his nephew Daniel Parish, who also played all the instruments, sang all the backing vocals, and engineered, recorded and mixed the track.

Profits from sales of the song will go to the Florence Nightingale International Foundation, which supports and complements the work and objectives of ICN, including through the advancement of nursing education, research and services for the public good. The Foundation’s signature project is the Girl Child Education Fund, which pays for the education of girls in developing countries whose nurse parents have died.

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