ICN President premiers new BBC-ICN film at prestigious international nursing conference in Seoul, South Korea

2 November 2022
PR 39

International Council of Nurses (ICN) President Dr Pamela Cipriano has showcased the latest BBC Storyworks Caring with Courage film at the 6th Korea-China-Japan Nursing Conference in Seoul, South Korea. The new production features highlights of a number of the films which make up the first series in this special on-going collaboration between ICN and BBC Storyworks.

Dr Cipriano said the short film series highlights the unique and vital work that nurses do that goes far beyond bringing care and comfort to people across the globe - nurses change lives for the better.

PR 39

“This new film launched today and the entire BBC Storyworks series is a recognition that nurses are truly the key to global health. The series BBC producers were inspired by seeing the work, the sacrifice and the impact nurses made during the pandemic and wanted to help us tell their stories and reach people around the world.

‘The stories really show the essence of how nurses are helping people restore their lives to full function. There are examples in the series of how nurses are reducing the detrimental effects of non-communicable diseases, preventing communicable diseases and using technology to take better care of elders in nursing facilities. We highly recommend that you watch these amazing short films!”

Before presenting the film, Dr Cipriano in her keynote address called for all stakeholders to get behind the urgent need for investment in nurses if the world were to reach the World Health Organization’s goal of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Citing ICN’s active engagement with WHO, she said all countries must increase their investment in nursing jobs, education, leadership and the health and well-being of nurses if UHC was to be achieved. She also stressed that investing in nurses is fundamental to health. That support is the most fundamental step to achieving global health and protecting economic security.

Dr Cipriano called for immediate action: ”What is required is a new ‘post-pandemic normal’ where nurses are valued and afforded a higher level of respect, and are guaranteed to be involved in decision making. This ‘new normal’ must see nurses have sufficient resources, including adequate staffing, and be protected from risks, violence and harm at work, and receive fair and equitable pay that reflects gender equality.”

President Shin of the Korean Nursing Association thanked Dr Cipriano and ICN for playing a critical role in the campaign to ensure the Nursing Act is finally passed into Korean law. ICN says the Nursing Act will provide a legal framework to support nurses and describe nursing practice, which is vital for the protection of both nurses and patients in South Korea.

The theme of the Korea-China-Japan conference in Seoul is focused on bringing universal healthcare to all citizens by improving access to nursing care. Its aim is to improve the quality of nursing and promote learning, communication and friendship between the three countries’ National Nursing Associations through the sharing of academic and professional expertise.

All speakers and participants expressed their sorrow at the tragic events which took place in Seoul over the weekend and sent their sincere condolences to the victims and their families. In the run up to the conference, Dr Cipriano accompanied President Shin to the memorial setup in Seoul to remember the victims and paid their respects.

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