ICN President and the President of Korean Nurses Association pay their respects at the shrine to the victims of the recent tragedy in Seoul

1 November 2022
WS 33

International Council of Nurses (ICN) President Pamela Cipriano and Korean Nurses Association (KNA) President Shin Kyung Rim visited a shrine in Seoul to remember victims of the tragic events over the weekend. Dr Cipriano is in the South Korean capital for a meeting of the ICN Board.

WS 33

Dr Cipriano added her voice to that of President Shin, and spoke of her deep sadness at the loss of life and the many severe injuries sustained. She expressed her support for South Korean nurses caring for the injured, many of whom were young people, and offered sympathy and condolences on behalf of the global nursing family.

In a formal letter of condolence from ICN, Dr Cipriano said:

“We send our deepest sympathy and condolences following the deaths of so many young people at the tragic events on the streets of Itaewon in Seoul.

‘We offer our condolences to the Korean Nurses Association and the people in your country who have been affected by this tragedy. The thoughts of nurses from around the world will be with you, the victims and families of this horrific event.

‘As the ICN Board gathers in Seoul this week, we cannot help but be even more affected by what has happened as we see the shock and grief of those around us. We acknowledge both the compassion and bravery of the nurses, first responders and all the healthcare staff who provided care immediately after the incident and continue to do so during a time of great pain and grief. Nurses will always provide care for patients and their families whenever and wherever it is needed.

‘Our sincerest sympathy and complete solidarity are with you, your Board and staff and the citizens of Seoul at this time.”

Download the communique here