Congress News - March 2019

1 April 2019


We’ve just published the most detailed programme yet! Go here to find which expert speakers will be there and the titles of the fascinating sessions they will be giving! There’s something for everyone!

On Day 1, there will be main sessions on improving the health of the population; investment in health in the global arena; Nursing Now; disaster nursing; NCDs including tobacco control, health promotion and prevention.

Day Two, we will address nursing leadership policy; there will be a panel session on nursing innovation in PHC; nursing ethics, partnerships in PHC and UHC, and improving the wellbeing of the nursing workforce.

Day Three will start with a panel session on innovative approaches to advance global agendas with a look at human resources for health and the African experience; key nursing developments across the Americas; advanced practice nursing, and a panel session on ICN’s Leadership Programmes.

The final day will explore health workforce and the Sustainable Development Goals, nurse retention, migration issues, and end with the topic of regulation, including a panel discussion with nurse regulators from various jurisdictions around the world.


The ICN Congress in Singapore will showcase some of the world’s top experts – an opportunity not to be missed! Keynote speakers include Elizabeth Iro, WHO’s Chief Nursing Officer; Kim Hwang-sik, former Prime Minister of South Korea and co-chair of the Committee to Nominate Marianne and Margaritha for the Nobel Peace Prize; Dr Linda Aiken, a US expert on safe staffing levels; and Elias Al Aaraj, founder of an innovative and impactful Lebanese NGO focusing on nursing care.

Our main session speakers come from all continents and a variety of leading organisations!

From Africa: Yoswa Dambisya (South Africa); Percy Mahlathi (South Africa); Mavis Mulaudzi (South Africa); Thembeka Gwagwa (South Africa) and Sheila Tlou (Botswana)

From Asia: Sophia Chan (Hong Kong); Hsiu-Hung (Taiwan); and Chien Earn Lee (Singapore)

From Australia/Oceania: Kristine Gebbie (Australia); Michelle Gunn (Australia); and Matthew McHugh (Australia)

From Europe: Jolanta Bilinska (Poland); Karen Björo (Norway); James Buchan (UK); Nigel Crisp (UK), Christine Hancock (UK) and Melanie Rogers (UK)

From the Americas: Linda Aiken (USA); (Nester Edwards (Grenada); Claudia Leija Hernandez (Mexico); Consuelo Cerón MacKay (Chile); Leslie Mancuso (USA); Marla Salmon (USA); Judith Shamian (Canada); Sarah Walji (Canada)

And from key international organisations: David Benton (NCSBN); Silvia Cassiani (PAHO); Jim Campbell (WHO); Jeremy Lauer (WHO); and Khama Rogo (World Bank) Find out more about each of our speakers and keep up to date with the latest additions via our website.



We have a great choice of side sessions at Congress as well! Look out for the following special symposiums hosted by our sponsors!

Friday 28 June: Learn more about the 2020 report on the State of the World’s Nursing, at a lunchtime sponsored symposium led by World Health Organization and the World Bank.

Saturday 29 June: The Gruppo Ospedaliero San Donato (GSD) International Nursing Academy will be holding a special lunchtime symposium on Sustaining nursing practice, benchmarking experiences

Saturday 29 June: CGFNS International will host a symposium on The Nursing Profession and the UN Global Compacts for Migration and on Refugees led by Dr Franklin A. Shaffer and Dr Peter Preziosi.

Saturday 29 June: A Strong Patient Safety and Quality improvement Culture - The Central Role of Nurses is the topic of the symposium led by the Singapore Nurses Association

Monday 30 June: Our sponsors, Jhpiego and Laerdal Global Health will hold a symposium on the India Simulation Centre



…You can join us at a special lunchtime session open to all delegates to learn more about the GCEF and the work of FNIF!

Grab your lunch and join us in the Plenary Hall on Sunday 30 June from 13:00 for a special fundraising session to learn more about FNIF and the ICN’s Girl Child Education Fund and how you can help support the orphaned daughters of your colleagues in Africa. Dr Joyce Fitzpatrick, the recipient of the 2019 FNIF International Achievement Award, will present her research at this lively and interactive session.

Register for the ICN Congress in Singapore here.