Chief Nurse Blog: Nursing Matters January 2023

17 January 2023

Happy 2023 to our valued ICN members and partners.

January is a great way to kick off, showcase and celebrate by featuring our ICN core nursing team who support nursing and health policy. They are all certified global nurse consultants as an organisational best practice. Get to know our mighty, nimble and agile nurse leaders!


Michelle Acorn, Chief Nurse


Dr Michelle Acorn has served as the inaugural Chief Nurse with the ICN since May 2021, providing strategic and operational executive leadership expertise to advance and strengthen nursing and health policy. She is a Doctor of Nurse Practitioner/Nursing Practice, dually registered as both a Primary Health Care and Adult Nurse Practitioner. Michelle was a previous Government Chief Nursing officer in Ontario, Canada. Michelle is internationally certified as a Global Nurse Consultant with a Leadership specialty.

Michelle is the Lead on:

  • Nursing & Health Policy Operations
  • WHO Collaboration Plan & Activities
  • APN/NP Network Liaison & Congress
  • Leveraging the Policy Pool of Nursing Experts
  • ICN Educational Resources

Full biography here


David STEWART, Deputy Chief Nurse Officer


David has been with ICN since 2016 and led seminal projects including International Nurses Day toolkits, Core competencies in Disaster Nursing, Advanced Practice Nursing and The Global Mental Health Nursing Workforce. As an Adjunct Professor at the Queensland University of Technology, David is committed to improving healthcare systems that deliver better outcomes and experiences for patients, clinicians, governments, and the public. David is internationally certified as a Global Nurse Consultant with a Health Policy specialty.

David is the focal person for the WPRO/SEARO regions and leads:

  • Congress - Scientific Committee
  • International Nurses Day
  • Mental Health
  • Primary Care
  • International Continuing Nursing Education Credits (ICNECs)

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Erica BURTON, Nursing and Health Policy Consultant


Erica served as the Senior Policy Advisor on ICN’s Nursing and Health Policy Team from 2015 – 2022. Since April 2022, Erica works as a part-time Consultant. She is dedicated to developing and promoting evidence-based, ethical, people-centered global health policy, strategies and care. Erica also works in a clinical capacity, providing primary patient-centered care to people living with and at risk of HIV at a specialty hospital in Toronto, Canada. Erica is internationally certified as a Global Nurse Consultant with a Health Policy specialty.

Erica is the lead for the following policy key areas:

  • World Health Assembly
  • Student Consultation
  • Position Statements

Full biography here

Hoi Shan

Hoi Shan FOKELADEH, Policy Advisor


Hoi Shan has been with ICN since 2018. She is a global health professional with international health policy and clinical field work experience in both intergovernmental organizations and civil society. Hoi Shan took a lead in data collection, analysis, and monitoring of COVID-19-related infections and deaths in nurses. Hoi Shan is internationally certified as a Global Nurse Consultant with a Public Health specialty.

Hoi Shan is the focal person for the EURO/EMRO regions and lead for:

  • WHO Executive Board
  • COVID-Effect
  • Congress abstracts and sessions
  • Patient Safety ICN Education Module
  • Safeguarding healthcare

Full biography here


Gill ADYNSKI, Nursing and Health Policy Analyst


Dr Gill Adynski started as a Nursing and Health Policy Analyst with the ICN in June 2022. She is a researcher with expertise in global health workforces, health policy and health system strengthening. Gill is internationally certified as a Global Nurse Consultant with a Health Workforce Development specialty.

Gill is the focal person for the PAHO/AFRO regions and leads:

  • Congress –Student Assembly
  • United Nations 
  • Gender Equity
  • Global Strategic Directions Education Modules
  • Climate & Planetary Health

Full biography here

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Chief Nurse January Challenge

  1. If you are certified as a Global Nurse Consultant – tag us with your picture name, specialty and organization.
  2. If you are a nurse with five or more years of experience in your field of practice and have been recognized for contributions in your specialty area of expertise consider applying Let us know if you do!