Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NNO)

Norwegian Nurses Organisation
Tollbugt. 22
PO Box 456 Sentrum
0104 Oslo
Phone number
+47 (994) 02409
Fax number
+47 (22) 043 299

Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NNO), founded in 1912, is a trade union for nurses, midwives, and nursing students in Norway. Counting more than 130.000 members as of 2023, we are one of the largest trade unions in Norway.  The current president is Dr. Lill Sverresdatter Larsen. 

The NNO has operates according to  three main objectives as; An advocate for a healthy society, a national professional association, trade union.


Main goals

  • Better working conditions
  • Improved salary
  • Ensure more trained nurses
  • Better working hours, better work/life balance
  • A reasonable division of tasks between groups of health professionals
  • Use health technology in smart ways
  • Leaders with proper training and skills
  • More resources for and a better funding of the public health sector