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Applications are now closed for the Global Nursing Leadership Institute 2024 Programme!

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The innovative and acclaimed Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI)™ is a strategic policy leadership programme that focuses on strengthening your political and policy understanding and influence. It is framed by nursing opportunities in a global movement committed to sustainable development. The GNLI 2024 programme focuses on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, health disparities and gender equity, universal health care, and the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Strategic Directions for Nursing and Midwifery, 2021-2025 (GSDNM). The GNLI 2024 programme also features opportunities for collaboration with WHO Regional Offices.

Upon completion of the GNLI programme, alumni will have:

  • in-depth knowledge and broader skills in order to influence general policy,
  • strengthened capacities to identify, understand and work with stakeholders within and outside the nursing profession,
  • a finer sensitivity to the skills required to negotiate with general policy stakeholders,
  • greater capacity to review and frame evidence in political, health and social contexts at local, national and international levels,
  • increased skills in strategic communication, with political messages aimed at politicians, decision-makers and the general public.

GNLI scholars completing the program use these skills in a number of important activities to improve health outcomes. These include leading and contributing to key health policies (including national action plans for nursing and midwifery); reforming nursing training and regulation; directing clinical developments; conducting research to inform and evaluate general policy; and ensuring that the voice of nursing is heard alongside other stakeholders. Students have also been at the forefront of the Nursing Now campaign, globally and in their countries.

WHO Chief Nursing Officer tells the story of her GNLI experience!

Who should apply?

Nurse and midwife leaders working in:

  • government and public service (head nurse)
  • national nursing regulatory bodies (registrar)
  • major international, national or regional health organizations, including health service providers and non-governmental organizations (general director, director of nursing, department or program head)
  • senior nurse practitioners (leading the development of advanced practices)
  • professional nursing associations (president, deputy president, general director)
  • unions with a significant number of nurses (president, deputy president, general director, head of the nursing department)
  • education, training, research and development (dean, senior professor, director of research department or major program)


Take this opportunity to join fellow nursing leaders and influence global and local health policy!


* Please note that the GNLI programme will be delivered in English only and participants are expected to have a good level of English in writing, comprehension and speaking.

GNLI Alumni

After completing the Global Nursing Leadership Institute™ (GNLI) alumni continue to engage in networking as a professional support to advance their own careers and the nursing profession.

GNLI 2023

Nurses from around the world will be selected as GNLI 2023 scholars through a competitive process.

GNLI 2024

Applications are now open for GNLI 2024. Find out more!