Leading Lights nomination form

The “Leading Lights” award recognises outstanding contribution to the care of people affected by TB.

Eligibility: the nominee must be nurse or health care worker who

  • Is directly involved with caring for those affected by TB
  • Has received training as part of the ICN TB Project since 2005 either during a full TB workshop or from someone who has been trained by the project to train others

Who can nominate someone as a ‘Leading Light’?

  •  An individual can nominate themselves but has to provide the contact details of someone who can verify the information provided
  • Anyone can nominate another person who meets the criteria
One file only.
2 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, svg.
Location of training

Reason for nomination or details of Performance

Please describe the special aspect of your/the nominee’s work you wish to highlight (max 500words)

A suggestion of the format of this description would be :

  1. The issue you/he/she wanted to tackle and why – what was the problem?
  2. What did you/he/she decide to do?
  3. How did you/he/she do it and who else was involved?
  4. Which ICN tools or materials did you/he/she find most helpful?
  5. What was the result of your/her/his efforts?
  6. How you feel things improved for yourself/the nominee, your/his/her colleagues and most importantly for patients?

Activities since training can also include : other people trained, impact on patient and/or project outcomes, changes made to practice, changes made to the environment, challenges faced, things that helped.

Any numbers are welcome.