Mobile Library

Mobile_LibraryThe International Council of Nurses/MSD Nursing Mobile Library is an innovative resource bringing up-to-date health information to nurses working in remote areas of developing countries. The Library contains approximately 90 nursing and health publications including books, manuals and fact sheets.

The books are housed in a durable trunk, which protects the material from dust, water, insects and hard knocks. This means that the library can be easily transported to remote areas even over difficult terrain.

The ICN/MSD Nursing Mobile Library gives nurses in developing countries and remote areas access to health information. A team of industry and nursing partners work together to make this initiative possible. Merck & Co., Inc. provided start-up funding and continues with on-going support. Elsevier Publishing handles the packing and shipping of the libraries. The International Council of Nurses (ICN) and its member national nurses associations on the ground manage and implement the project.