In conjunction with external funders and our own foundation, the International Council of Nurses is proud to sponsor awards that recognise outstanding achievement and encourage initiative and talent.

Christiane Reimann Prize

The Christiane Reimann Prize recognises outstanding nursing achievement and is known all over the world as nursing’s most prestigious international award.

Florence Nightingale International Foundation International Achievement Award

The ICN and the FNIF International Achievement Award is offered biennially to a practising nurse

Health and Human Rights Award

The ICN Health and Human Rights Award was created in 2000 by the ICN Board of Directors to call attention to ICN’s values and to commemorate nursing’s fundamental dedication to human rights.

Kim Mo-Im Policy Innovation and Impact Award

The Kim Mo- Im Policy Innovation and Impact Award is granted every two years to a nurse who has demonstrated policy innovation and impact.

Partners in Development Award

The PID Award recognises foundations, corporations, NGO or other groups that have demonstrated outstanding leadership and investment in nursing and health care capacity building.

NNAs Innovation Award

NNAs’ successful accomplishments in inclusiveness, diversity and creativity are acknowledged through the NNA Innovation Award

The Membership Growth Award

The Membership Growth Award recognises the NNA representing the most significant growth of the number of nurses over the preceding quadrennium.

The Membership Inclusiveness/ Representativeness Award

This award recognises NNAs’ improvement in the NNA coverage to demonstrate inclusiveness and representativeness.