ICN’s reports, policy briefs, annual reports and our official nursing journal contribute to nursing knowledge and provide up to date information on a variety of topics of interest and importance to nurses around the globe.

Take the time to peruse our latest publications and learn more about the important role that ICN plays in representing nursing worldwide, advancing the nursing profession promoting the wellbeing of nurses and advocating for health in all policies.

Publications and reports

ICN produces a broad range of reports, guidelines and other publications designed to support the nursing profession’s development globally, expand the scope of nursing practice and strengthen leadership skills in nurses.

Nursing definitions

From the very founding of ICN in 1899, what nursing means and who can be called a nurse has been a great topic of debate. ICN, as the global voice of nursing and representing the over 27 million nurses around the world, provides definitions of both ‘nursing’ and ‘nurse’.

International Nursing Review

The International Nursing Review (INR) is the official journal of the International Council of Nurses (ICN). It is a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that focuses predominantly on nursing and health policy issues of relevance to nurses and has an increasing impact factor.