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Position Statements

A. Nursing Roles in Health Care Services

  1. Antimicrobial resistance NEW!
  2. Breastfeeding (2013)
  3. Distribution and use of breast milk substitutes (2013)
  4. Elimination of substance abuse in young people (currently under review)
  5. Health services for migrants, refugees and displaced persons (currently under review)
  6. HIV infection and AIDS (currently under review)
  7. Management of nursing and health care services (currently under review)
  8. Mental health (currently under review)
  9. Nature and scope of practice of nurse-midwives (currently under review)
  10. Nurses and disaster preparedness (currently under review)
  11. Nurses’ role in providing care to dying patients and their families (2012)
  12. Nurses’ role in the care of detainees and prisoners (2011)
  13. Nurses' role in prevention of cancer (currently under review)
  14. Nursing care of the older person (currently under review)
  15. Occupational Health and safety NEW!
  16. Prevention and management of workplace violence NEW!
  17. Prevention of disability and the care of people with disabilities (currently under review)
  18. Reducing travel-related communicable disease transmission (2011)
  19. Tobacco use and health (2012)
  20. Women’s health (2012)

B. Nursing Profession

  1. Assistive or support nursing personnel (currently under review)
  2. Continuing competence as a professional responsibility and public right (currently under review)
  3. Cultural and linguistic competence (2013)
  4. Nursing regulation (2013)
  5. Nursing research (currently under review)
  6. Protection of the title “Nurse” (2012)
  7. Scope of nursing practice (2013)

C. Socio Economic Welfare of Nurses

  1. Abuse and violence against nursing personnel (currently under review)
  2. Career development in nursing (currently under review)
  3. Ethical nurse recruitment (currently under review)
  4. Reducing the impact of HIV infection and AIDS on nursing and midwifery personnel (currently under review)
  5. Industrial action (2011)
  6. Nurse retention and migration (currently under review)
  7. Nurses and shift work (currently under review)
  8. Occupational health and safety for nurses (currently under review)
  9. Part-time employment (currently under review)

D. Health Care Systems

  1. Health human resources development (HHRD) (currently under review)
  2. Nurses and primary health care (currently under review)
  3. Nursing and development (currently under review)
  4. Participation of nurses in health services decision-making and policy development (currently under review)
  5. Patient safety (2012)
  6. Promoting the value and cost-effectiveness of nursing (currently under review)
  7. Publicly funded accessible health services (2012)

E. Social Issues

  1. Armed conflict: Nursing’s perspective (2012)
  2. Child labour (currently under review)
  3. Cloning and human health (currently under review)
  4. Health information: protecting patient rights (2015)
  5. Informed patients (2015)
  6. Nurses, climate change and health (currently under review)
  7. Nurse – industry relations (currently under review)
  8. Nurses and human rights (2011)
  9. Nurses and social media (2015)
  10. Reducing environmental and lifestyle related health risks (2011)
  11. Rights of children (currently under review)
  12. The right to connect via information and communication technology (2014)
  13. Torture, death penalty and participation by nurses in executions (2012)
  14. Towards elimination of weapons of war and conflict (2012)
  15. Universal access to clean water (currently under review)
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