New visual identity for ICN

29 June 2023
ICN logo

ICN updated our visual identity in July 2023 including a fresh new logo that reflects our commitment to continuously evolve to better serve the global nursing community.

Our new branding better represents who we are and what we stand for as we approach the second quarter of the 21st Century. The new logo is a modern interpretation of our heritage and values, conveying the energy, creativity and passion of the profession we are so proud to serve and represent. We believe our new branding and logo will help us to communicate more effectively with nurses and with organisations and individuals outside of the profession. It will help to strengthen ICN’s position of influence as the global voice of nursing.

The new logo maintains the essential elements of the 1999 version, but in a new and modernised version. It incorporates:

  • The flame, which represents Florence Nightingale’s leading light and the tradition and heritage of nursing
  • The globe, which represent ICN’s international reach and inclusion of people around the world
  • The base, whose shape is reminiscent of Florence Nightingale’s lamp, but also, together with the globe, represents a human form, which can be seen as both the figure of a nurse leading the way and each person at the centre of health care, being served by nurses across the globe.

This new ICN logo will bring recognition, vibrancy, modernity and relevancy to ICN’s reputation and image, and will be more suited to the digital requirements and applications of today and tomorrow.