ICN announce second series of award-winning Caring with Courage films, produced by BBC StoryWorks, detailing the extraordinary work of nurses around the world

17 May 2024
Caring with courage

The International Council of Nurses and BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions are to make a second series of Caring with Courage, highlighting the pivotal role nurses play in advancing global health equity and universal health coverage.

The announcement coincides with a call for nurses to submit stories for consideration, focussing on a specific solution, project or initiative that contributes to a more sustainable future for nursing and healthcare.

The original Caring with Courage series, launched in May 2022, put a spotlight on the extraordinary work of nurses, which is often hidden from public view, in 19 powerful programmes that were seen by people around the world.

Stories in the first series were incredibly diverse, ranging from helping new-borns in Sweden to breaking taboos about menstruation in Kenya, from helping vulnerable homeless people in the United States to access health care, to using artificial intelligence to guide patients through life-altering moments in Taiwan.

The first series earned excellent global coverage, with more than six million video views, and was recognised at the World Health Organization Health for All Film Festival, the Webby Awards and the International Content Marketing Wards.

ICN is pleased to announce plans for a second series, launching in early 2025 and again produced by BBC StoryWorks. With a wide range of untold stories left to unveil, this series will recognise the extraordinary value of nurses and delve deeper into their contribution to healthier societies.

ICN President Dr Pamela Cipriano said: “We are excited that you will have the opportunity to participate, and we want to hear your stories. The activities of nurses are hiding in plain sight: this story-telling opportunity is absolutely critical to link the messages from our International Nurses Day Economic Power of Care report to the public around the world. This is an opportunity to unmask those many ways that nurses not only contribute to care, but contribute to economic security and prosperity.”

The new series

The new series of Caring with Courage will bring attention to the role nurses play in creating secure, affordable, accessible and flexible health care systems, aiming to emphasise their status as an essential pillar of healthcare. To achieve this, the series will feature three key chapters:

  • Solving Global Challenges – nurses and global health initiatives building healthier societies
  • Shaping the Future of Care – nurses leading the way to equitable and efficient health systems
  • Caring for the Caregiver - strengthening the profession and driving positive change

How you can participate

If you have a story to share, please express your interest in participating in the series by completing the following form by 24 May: https://www.bbcstudios.com/nursing-stories

For questions, please contact Diane Grasser, series developer at BBC StoryWorks, at [email protected]