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<strong>Left to right: </strong><em>GCEF Coordinators from Zambia, Uganda and Kenya; Pamela Hamamoto, US Ambassador to the UN; Encyla Sinjela, Zambian Ambassador to the UN; Jennifer J. Neves, Chargé d’Affaires, Swaziland; Steffen Kongstad, Norwegian Ambassador to the UN; and Thomas D. Albert, Symphasis Foundation.</em><br />
<strong>From left: </strong>Jennifer Munsaka (GCEF Coordinator, Zambia); Thomas D. Albert (Project Manager of the Symphasis Foundation); Faith Mbehero (GCEF Coordinator, Kenya); Theopista Kabalisa (GCEF Coordinator, Uganda).<br />



  • End of year greetings from ICN.

  • UN Ambassadors and longstanding funders celebrate the GCEF. On the occasion of the 10th GCEF Country Coordinators Workshop in Geneva, UN Ambassadors joined long standing funders, Board Directors of the Florence Nightingale International Foundation and ICN staff, to celebrate and learn more about the impact and outcomes of the Girl Child Education Fund since its launch in 2005. Read more...

  • Symphasis Foundation provides grant to GCEF. FNIF has just been informed that the Swiss based Symphasis Foundation has approved a substantial grant for the GCEF activities in Uganda. This generous grant will allow for the support of the 63 girls currently in the GCEF Uganda programme and the addition of 48 new Ugandan beneficiaries. We are enormously grateful to Symphasis, who have also supported the GCEF in Kenya since 2008.

  • On 5 December, the General Assembly of the United Nations accepted the resolution on the protection of health facilities and personnel, which “strongly condemns all attacks on medical and health personnel, their means of transport and equipment, as well as hospitals and other medical facilities, and deplores the long-term consequences of such attacks for the population and health-care systems of the countries concerned”.   ICN was an active participant in the development of this resolution as part of the Health Care in Danger project which aims to make access to health care in situations of armed violence more secure.

  • Press release: ICN-Burdett Global Nursing Leadership Institute 2015 open for applications. Read more...
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  • Registration to the ICN Conference 2015 is now open.  To register, please go to www.icn2015.ch/en/registration



 In 2006, the Norwegian Nurses Organisation (NNO) initiated collaboration with its sister organisation in Malawi, the National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi (NONM).  At that time, the NONM recognised the need to develop and strengthen the NONM, which had no offices or employees and very few members.   Recently, we received a report from Michael Vitols, NNO’s Special Advisor for International Development, on the successful biennial General Meeting held in Malawi.  “Elections were well-run with several independent observers from other unions and organisations supervising,” Vitols reported. Dorothy Ngoma, former President and General Secretary of NONM, was elected as new President.   She is “a senior nurse with extensive experience, networks and also a strong, bold activist for gender and nursing issues.“  ICN joins NNO in congratulating NONM on a well-conducted GM, and on the election of an experienced and capable President.



A new ICNP® Research and Development Centre has been established at the Nursing Research Unit Department of Public Health and Infectious Disease at Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, in collaboration with the Italian Nursing Association - Consociazione Nazionale Associazioni Infermiere (CNAI) and other stakeholders. The mission of the Italian Centre is to: disseminate and update the terminology translated into Italian via continuous education and publications; advance the development of ICNP through research in clinical and educational settings; and promote ICNP utilisation in e-Health programmes at the national and international level. The development of the mission will also help give economic value to nursing care.   For a list of all the ICN accredited Centres for ICNP research and Development, click here.