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<em>ICN President Judith Shamian delivers the ICN Board’s statement on Ebola</em><br />
<em>Amy Coenen, Director of the ICNP, was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Shanghai International Summit for Nursing sponsored by the Second Military Medical University School of Nursing in Shanghai, China, 15-17 October. </em>   <br />



  • On International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, ICN supports the recent statement by the independent Expert Review Group (iERG) on Information and Accountability for Women's and Children's Health which draws attention to the important role played by health professionals in the prevention of violence against women and children.  We urge nurses to refer to the ICN position statements on Women’s health, Abuse and violence against nursing personnel and the Elimination of female genital mutilation for more information and to raise public and political awareness of this issue.

  • Press Release: International Council of Nurses supports right of nurse to refuse to force-feed prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. Read more...
  • Press Release: International Council of Nurses calls on authorities to provide safe working environments for nursing personnel in Ebola affected areas. Read more...
  • ICN President Judith Shamian delivers the ICN Board’s statement on Ebola, expressing solidarity with the nurses who are delivering healthcare to people and communities during this outbreak.
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  • November is a month to promote healthy lifestyles.  With World Diabetes Day on 14 November and Anti-Obesity Day on 26 November, ICN is focusing nurses’ attention on the obesity epidemic.  There are many tools available to help educate patients of all ages and encourage healthy eating and increased physical activity.  We encourage you to take the Grow Your Wellness Risk Assessment and check out the other resources available on our Grow Your Wellness site. Have a look at the ICN fact sheet on obesity which focuses on the causes of overweight and obesity, the health risks and prevention and healthy lifestyle promotion.  ICN believes that nurses are key players in ending the obesity epidemic.
  • For job postings at the World Health Organization, please click here.

  • Registration to the ICN Conference 2015 is now open.  To register, please go to www.icn2015.ch/en/registration



The Australian College of Nursing is hosting the National Nursing Forum from 2-4 November 2014.  The theme, Staying ahead of the game, focuses on how to, individually and as a profession, adapt and thrive in a complex, changing and often challenging health environmen



Grow Your Wellness

The online health and wellness centre, www.GrowYourWellness.com, now offers a new feature to assist nurses in strengthening their own health and wellness.  Healthy Nurses, Healthy Communities provides resources for nurses to address non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and healthy ageing. Nurses who invest in their own health act as important role models for their patients and communities. They are also well prepared to respond to the burdens of today’s demanding health care environments. The web-based resource centre (www.GrowYourWellness.com) is an initiative to mobilise and equip nurses to help address the global NCD crisis. Healthy Nurses, Healthy Communities offers nurse-tested wellness tools, such as tips for stress management and how to fit exercise into daily routines, as well as strategies and recipes to help nurses feel their best at any age. It also calls for immunisation for adult and work-related preventable diseases, such as influenza, hepatitis A and B, tetanus and pneumonia. Visitors will discover many ways to improve their wellness and lead their communities to better health.