Operated by nurses and leading nursing internationally, ICN works to ensure quality nursing care for all and sound health policies globally.


  • The HiMSS Asia Pacific Annual Conference and Exhibition will be held 6-10 September 2015 in Marina Sands Bay, Singapore. Speakers include Dr Amy Coenen, Director of the ICN’s ICNP Programme and Dr Nick Hardiker, Director of ICN’s eHealth Programme. More information can be found here.

  • This year’s ICN-Burdett Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI) will take place 5-11 September 2015 with the theme “Future Work of Nurses”. See below for more information on the GNLI.

  • Nurses For Expo (N4E): an international conference with the theme “Feeding the Planet: the Nurses’ Contribution” will be held on 10-11 September in Milan, Italy. This Conference will highlight the crucial role of nurses in fostering the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities alike. As part of Expo Milan, N4E will help draw attention to the fundamental contribution of women, nurses, and the service sector to policies favouring a more balanced distribution of resources and a healthier diet. More information can be found on  www.nurses4expo.info

  • The 68th session of the WHO Regional Committee for South East Asia will be held 7-9 September in Dili, Timor-Leste.

  • The 65th session of the WHO Regional Committee for the African region will be held 31 August–4 September in Ndjamena, Chad.

  • Vaccinations and Older Adults – an e-learning module created by ICN – is now available online by clicking here.
  • ICN has launched the search for a new Chief Executive Officer.  More information on this position and how to apply can be found here.  The deadline for application is 30 September 2015.
  • Presentations by speakers at the ICN Conference in Seoul, with a selection of photos, are now available here.

  • For job postings at the World Health Organization, please click here.



On 9-10 June, the Japanese Nurses Association held its AGM which featured reports and discussions on JNA’s priority policies: establishment and promotion of the community-based integrated care system; enhancement of positive practice environments for nurses; promotion of the role expansion of nurses; development of nursing human resources capable of meeting the needs of the super-aged society with fewer children. On 11 June, JNA announced that it would be pursuing various ways to approach and address dementia with the aim to create a society in which people with dementia and their families can continue to live their lives comfortably in their familiar communities. For more information, see Nursing for Older People in Japan.



Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI)

GNLI offers an advanced leadership programme for nurses and/or midwives at senior level and executive positions in developed and developing countries across the world. The programme, drawing on the expertise of international faculty, allows participants to review and enhance their national and global leadership knowledge and skills within a collaborative and stimulating learning culture.

The next GNLI will take place 5-11 September 2015 with the theme “Future Work of Nurses”. Further information about the GNLI can be accessed at http://leadership.icn.ch/gnli/