Operated by nurses and leading nursing internationally, ICN works to ensure quality nursing care for all and sound health policies globally.


                The Student Nurses Assembly at the ICN Conference in Seoul.
              Dr Margaret Chan at the ICN Conference and CNR.
                The Student Nurses Assembly at the ICN Conference in Seoul.


  • Press Release: International Council of Nurses Statement on the joint ICN-WHO consultation on Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health “No health without a workforce, and no workforce without nurses and midwives” — Dr Jim Campbell, Executive Director of GHWA and Director of HWF, WHO. Read more...
  • 26 June: On the occasion of  the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, ICN strongly affirms that nurses should play no voluntary role in any deliberate infliction of physical or mental suffering and should not participate, either directly or indirectly, in the preparation for and the implementation of executions. To do otherwise is a clear violation of nursing’s ethical code of practice. ICN urges national nurses associations to provide support to nurses who in their professional capacity, speak out against the use of torture and other inhuman treatment of detainees
  • Press Release: Grow Your Wellness Health Risk Assessment Index for nurses shows link between workplace challenges and poor personal health - More stress can result in less – for nurses and their patients. Read more...
  • Press Release: International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) 2015 release marks 25 years of development. Read more...
  • Press Release: Nurses launch new Endowment Fund to support Girl Child Education Fund - Pledges for over $70,000 raised at FNIF Luncheon. Read more...
  • Press Release: President of Korea and the Director General of the World Health Organization headline speakers at opening ceremony of International Council of Nurses conference in Seoul. Read more...
  • Press Release: Lilly receives ICN’s Partners in Development Award for outstanding leadership and investment in nursing. Read more...
  • Press Release: International Council of Nurses announces new US$10,000 Mo-Im Kim Nursing Innovation and Policy Impact Award. Read more...
  • At a press conference held on 18 June at the ICN Conference and CNR, Dr Margaret Chan Director General of the World Health Organization, called the conference "a prestigious event".  Referring to the MERS epidemic in the country, she said "I urge the public to support the health professionals who have worked tirelessly to control the outbreak" but stressed that "the MERS outbreak in South Korea does not constitute a public health emergency of international concern."  Despite some cancellations by participants, the ICN Conference will welcome over 7000 delegates for its three-day programme.

  • Important: Information on the recent cases of MERS in Korea.
  • For job postings at the World Health Organization, please click here.



On 10-12 May 2015 the Ordem dos Enfermeiros (Portuguese Order of Nurses) will host its IV Congress at the Lisbon Congress Centre under the theme "Leading in Health, Build Alternatives.  The Congress will highlight issues such as Health in Europe: expenditure or investment, Nursing in the improvement of the Portuguese Health System efficiency, Indicators and financing for sensitive health outcomes, Health gains by prescribing by nurses and  Nursing in Portugal: a development strategy for the world". 



International Classification for Nursing Practice: The 2015 release of ICNP will be launched at the ICN Conference in Korea. The launch will include a celebration of the 25th anniversary of ICNP as a terminology that describes nursing care across borders, populations, settings and time, in order to optimize quality and care outcomes. A new web-based browser and updated translations will accompany the 2015 release of ICNP. The site also offers numerous resources to help implement and use ICNP in practice. Resources include ICNP catalogues or subsets for specific nursing specialties, focus areas, and settings, such as palliative care, paediatric pain management and community nursing.