ICNP Catalogues

ICNP catalogues (subsets of nursing data represented in ICNP) make it easier to build content for health information systems, with the added benefits that come from using a unified nursing language.
ICN welcomes local, regional, national and international participation in ICNP catalogue development and has developed Guidelines for ICNP Catalogue Development to support the process.

If you are interested in developing or reviewing a catalogue, please contact us at ([email protected]).

The catalogues listed below are available by filling out an online form found at: ICNP Download

ICNP Pre-coordinated Nursing Diagnosis/Outcomes & Interventions

ICNP Diagnosis/Outcomes
ICNP Interventions

ICNP Catalogues

Community Nursing
Dementia Care
Disaster Nursing
Nursing Care of Children with HIV and AIDS
Nursing Outcome Indicators
Paediatric Pain Management
Palliative Care
Partnering with Individuals and Families to Promote Adherence to Treatment
Prenatal Nursing Care

Equivalency Tables

ICNP to SNOMED CT Equivalency Table for Diagnosis and Outcome Statements
ICNP to CCC Equivalency Table for Nursing Diagnoses

ICNP Catalogues In Progress

Hospitalized Adult Mental Health Client
Hospitalized Paediatric Client
Post-Surgical Total Hip Replacement
Pressure Ulcer Prevention
Special Care Nursery