Global Coalition on Circulatory Health

Global Coalition for Circulatory Health which brings together international, regional and national stakeholders in circulatory health to drive the urgent action needed to combat heart disease and stroke.


The Coalition aims to:

  • Achieve the global target of a 25% reduction by 2025 in premature mortality from heart disease and stroke, as an essential component to the 25by25 NCD target and a key milestone to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 3.4 of a one-third reduction in premature NCD deaths by 2030
  • Unite the diverse voices of the circulatory health community to become more powerful advocates to policy makers and politicians
  • Align all organizations to support the WHO Global Hearts Initiative to improve the prevention, control and treatment of heart disease and stroke through primary health care
  • Promote common international messaging by partnering organizations and leveraging their extensive networks to cascade messages to regional and national levels
  • Strengthen the voice of people living with heart disease and stroke by including patients, their families and communities in decision-making processes and in national, regional and global advocacy
  • Convene an annual Global Summit on Circulatory Health for professional leaders from the public and private sectors to drive the international, regional and national agendas for circulatory health