The Role and Identity of the Regulator
The Role and Identity of the Regulator

The ICN Observatory on Licensure and Registration identified a need to compare and contrast the powers of regulators in a systematic way so as to facilitate dialogue between jurisdictions in managing the risk associated with increasing nurse migration.

To that end ICN undertook a study titled, The role and identity of the regulator: An International comparative study which was completed in August 2009.

The project objectives were:

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This is important work at this point in time about regulation and regulators which to date has not been available. It provides a starting point for a global reference on nurse regulation and as such will be a useful and potentially powerful tool. Now that this information is available to all stakeholders with an interest in nurse regulation, it is critical to health systems around the world that it continues to be built upon and used in facilitating dialogue between regulators. Establishing clear communication networks and information sharing about nurse regulation between nurse regulatory bodies is an essential step in protecting patients.

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The readers should note that:
• The information posted on this ICN web site in relation to this database, was accurate at the time of collection
• Information on the contact information sheets and legislation may have been changed since it was accepted
• In some jurisdictions there may well be other additional relevant legislation and/or guidance which informs practice
• Further information should be obtained directly from the regulatory body.

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