The ICHRN Secretariat is housed at the International Council of Nurses headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.


Lesley Bell, RN, BScN (Hons), MBA.

Lesley Bell is currently a Consultant, Nursing and Health Policy with the International Council of Nurses.  Prior to this she served as Chief Executive Officer for the Ontario Nurses’ Association, providing organisational leadership and direction to the ONA and its 60,000 members Other positions held by Ms Bell in the Ontario Nurses Association include Assistant Director (1991-1993) and Associate Director (1993) of Government Relations, and President (1990).  In addition she was a trustee on the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan and a founding member of the Joint Provincial Nursing Committee with the Ministry of Health.  Her experience also includes numerous negotiations with provincial hospital and nursing home employers for improvements in compensation and quality workplaces.  A former staff nurse, at Ottawa's Salvation Army Grace General. In 2006, she received the Bread and Roses Award from the Canadian Federation of Nurse Unions in recognition of her outstanding contribution to Nursing Unionism on a provincial and national level in 2006. Ms Bell has spoken at several ICN Congresses on the topics of negotiation and bargaining; racism; workplace violence and the value of nursing.

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