Health systems everywhere are challenged by shortages, imbalances, unemployment and underemployment of nursing personnel. Serious, long-term neglect and underinvestment in nursing human resources management and labour data collection systems have resulted in poor workforce planning, policy formulation, and management practices in many countries. The need for good data and sharing of best practices in this area is paramount to achieving effective planning and deployment of the nursing workforce and to the well-functioning of health systems around the world.

ICHRN works to address these challenges as a unique, online resource serving policy makers, planners, educators, associations, employers, regulators, researchers and practitioners.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of patient care through advancing nursing and health care services.

Our Goals

  • To build capacity in nursing human resources (HR) planning and management at the national, regional and global level
  • To act as a resource for generating, collating, promoting and disseminating information, research and data related to nursing HR
  • To function as a catalyst for change and an international focal point for collaborating with others on nursing HR issues

Our Activities

The Centre works to achieve its mission and goals through:

  • Analysing current policy, generating new policy options based on evolving HR issues and advocating for sound policy concerning the nursing workforce
  • Tracking challenges and leading issues in nursing HR
  • Developing international standards for nursing HR planning and management
  • Publishing and disseminating scholarly papers on current HR policy issues
  • Evaluating and networking good HR management practice
  • Promoting, undertaking, and disseminating research that addresses critical issues relevant to nursing HR such as recruitment, retention, workforce planning, etc.
  • Offering continuing education in the area of nursing HR planning and management
  • Promoting access to timely, targeted and reliable information
  • Fostering research and innovation in nursing HR

The Centre is a long term initiative and its activities will be carried out over the short, medium and long term.

Note: For all information and resources related specifically to the international migration of nurses, please visit the International Centre on Nurse Migration - a global resource for the development, promotion and dissemination of research, policy and information on nurse migration.

Our Partners

The Centre works through collaborative partnerships with ICN member national nurses associations, other professional nursing organisations, United Nations specialised agencies and key institutions and individuals worldwide.

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