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Health Care in Danger

Health Care in Danger


Stopping violence, safeguarding health care

Violence against patients, health-care workers and health facilities in conflict zones is a grave yet often under-reported humanitarian issue and is unfortunately becoming a common feature of today’s armed conflicts. Nurses, as other health-care professionals, have the duty to provide care to all patients, irrespective of who they are, but they also have the right to be protected while performing their life-saving activities.  Safeguarding health workers from attacks and violence is of paramount importance to ensure the civilian population, already enduring the horrors of war, is not subjected to additional suffering. It is also a key step in rebuilding trust and recovering from the dreadful consequences of violent conflict.

ICN supports the Health Care in Danger (HCiD) initiative and its commitment to “safeguard the delivery of effective and impartial health care in armed conflict and other situations of violence.”

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