Positive Practice Environment Campaign

The delivery of high quality health services depends on the competence of health workers and a work environment that supports performance excellence. The ongoing underinvestment in the health sector has resulted in a deterioration of working conditions worldwide. This has had a serious negative impact on the recruitment and retention of health personnel, the productivity and performance of health facilities, and ultimately on patient outcomes. Positive practice environments must be established throughout the health sector if national and international health goals are to be met.

Positive Practice Environments for Health Care: Quality Workplaces for Quality Care, is spearheaded by the health professions (International Council of Nurses, International Pharmaceutical Federation, World Confederation for Physical Therapy, World Dental Federation and World Medical Association), together with the International Hospital Federation. The multiyear, multi-stakeholder campaign promotes safe, cost-effective and healthy workplaces, thereby strengthening health systems and improving patient safety.

Positive Practice Environments for Health Care Professionals website

Last Updated on Friday, 27 April 2012 15:03