Polina Volkova

Polina Volkova, RN, is a lead co-trainer in ICN Project. Polina is a chief nurse of Mary El Republican TB Dispensary. She works in the field of TB over 27 years and started her career as a ward nurse of a TB clinic. Patients on her ward were newly diagnosed with TB; they needed lots of care, treatment and, most importantly, lots of attention and psychological and social support. It became evident that nursing care in TB is one of the most meaningful professions uniting different fields of knowledge and skills.

She was searching for the new ways to improve care and she became the very first person who initiated a new program – observed TB treatment, when patients started to receive medicines under the supervision of a nurse. In 2002 she got a position of a chief nurse and also became a member of the Russian Nurses Association.

In 2003 Polina Volkova received an advanced degree in nursing on specialty “manager and teacher in nursing”, today she teach students of Mary El Nursing College on nursing care in TB. She studies the factors contributing to professional TB risks, developed and implemented a program for infection control and statistics show that for the last 5 years no nurse got infected with TB in her clinic.

In 2007 Polina took part in one of the first trainings organized within the ICN led Project for TB nurses, organized similar trainings all around her Republic. In 2008 Polina took the lead over TB network within the RNA branch in Mary El Republic. Since 2011 actively participate in the RNA national TB network as its co-chair.  Nowadays Polina is implementing a research in order to study how teaching the ‘first-time’ TB patients may influence their adherence to treatment.

Additional Info

  • Country: Russia
  • Project role: Local Trainer
  • Job title: Chief nurse of Mary El Republican TB Dispensary