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2010 TB Award Recipients

Twelve Nurses win the 4th ICN/Lilly Award  for Work in Tuberculosis and Multi-drug Resistant TB

The ICN/Lilly Award for Nursing Excellence in TB/MDR-TB is one aspect of ICN’s work in TB and multi-drug resistant TB as a founding member of the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership. Through this Partnership more than 18 000 nurses have been trained in TB endemic countries. This annual award supported by Lilly recognizes nursing expertise and aims to motivate and recognise nurses working with those affected by TB and MDR-TB in countries included in the TB project. It showcases the contribution made by nurses to TB prevention, care and treatment and offers the recipients an educational grant to continue their professional development along with a specially designed medal. Recipients are selected by their national nurses association for their outstanding achievement in TB prevention, care and treatment.

On the occasion of World TB Day, the International Council of Nurses in partnership with Eli Lilly and Company has given awards to the following nurses, from eleven countries, who through their dedication, passion and innovative care strategies, are living examples of the World TB Day slogan "On the move against tuberculosis: innovate to accelerate action".

2010 TB Award Recipients

                                                        Ethiopia :         Mohammed Yesuf Mohammed
                                                        Kenya :           Solomon Murira Miriti
                                                        Lesotho :         Mary Malebihan Letsie and Paballo Thatho
                                                        Malawi :           Sharon Bisika
                                                        Mozambique :  Safira Cuna
                                                        Philippines :     John Stuart Pancho
                                                        Russia :           Gul’shat Ablyazova
                                                        South Africa :  Mavis Kedibone Malelane
                                                        Swaziland :     Samkelo Andy Simelane
                                                        Uganda :          Aciro Yolanda Ottoo
                                                        Zambia :           Precious Nzala Chikotola

Ethiopia :


Mohammed Yesuf Mohammed
Head nurse and Matron at the St Peters TB specialized hospital in Addis Ababa, 
Mr Mohammed is one of the first three Ethiopian nurses to undertake training in MDR-TB.
He is currently training nurses and other health workers in different health centres and hospitals in Addis Ababa on practical MDR patient care, treatment and reporting of MDR-TB.

Kenya :


Solomon Murira Miriti 
In February 2010, Mr Miriti, a TB and leprosy coordinator in Central Province, Kenya pioneered the first ever TB community programme at Kijabe hospital which involves actively locating, screening and treating those in the community infected by TB.

Lesotho :



Mary Malebihan Letsie and Paballo Thatho
Ms Letsie, TB Coordinator of Mafeteng District, and Ms Thatho, a nurse who runs health care services in remote clinics of the same district, had the innovative idea to provide TB training to local chiefs who can then influence others in TB prevention, care and treatment.

Malawi :


Sharon Bisika
As Principal Nursing Officer at the Ministry of Health, Ms. Biska has been exemplary 
in mobilizing and advocating for preventive resources for managing the MCR-TB patients 
in her district.

Mozambique :


Safira Cuna
As Head of the Department of Medicine at the Central Hospital in Maputo, Ms Cuna trains physicians and nurses in TB prevention and contagion in all the provinces. Thanks to her commitment, the Central Hospital now has a 24-hour lab to analyze suspected sputum and 
a room to isolate TB patients.

Philippines :


John Stuart Pancho
As a training officer at the Tropical Disease Foundation, Mr Pancho trains and mentors health workers on Programmatic Management of Drug-resistant TB (PMDT) throughout the Western Pacific and South East Asian regions. He has written and contributed to several works on PMDT implementation.

Russia :


Gul’shat Ablyazova
Ms Ablyazova, Head Nurse of the TB pulmonary department, trains health care staff and patients on TB prevention and care. She developed a standard for sputum testing to avoid mistakes in TB laboratory diagnosis and has trained 148 nurses in the Irkutsk region of Siberia.

South Africa :



Mavis Kedibone Malelane
As a TB Focal nurse at Masakhane clinic, Ms Malelane increased case detection by carrying out awareness campaigns, and sputum collection. She has been able to meet the national requirements of 80% coverage.

Swaziland :


Samkelo Andy Simelane
Mr Simelane, a TB infection control trainer a nurse leader has initiated intensified TB case findings in areas of HIV in the health centre and established defaulter tracing for TB patients.

Uganda :


Aciro Yolanda Ottoo
During the rebel insurgency in the northern region, when the most of the health facilities in the region and the district were destroyed, Ms Ottoo, Senior Nursing Officer at Gulu Regional Hospital in Uganda, withstood all the challenges and continued to health educate the communities on TB and MDR-TB.

Zambia :


Precious Nzala Chikotola
One of the TB focal persons at Kafue rural mission clinic which has a catchment area of more than 5,000 people, Ms Chikotola provides TB awareness to communities through drama and song.
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