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Nursing workload and patient care Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions 2012 Berry, L & Curry, P "Undertanding the value of nurss, the effects of excessive workload, and how nurse-patient ratios and dynamic staffing models can help." Details
Key determinants of migration among health professionals in Ghana Development Research Centre on Migration, Globalisation and Poverty 2010 Anarfi J, Quartey P & Agyei J "The focus of this study is to assess the level of migration expectation among health care professionals and to determine some of the factors which have pushed - and are likely to continue to push - them to seek employment outside Ghana." (extract from document) Details
California's minimum nurse staffing legislation: Results from a natural experiment Health Services Research Health and Research Educational Trust 2012 Mark BA, Harless DW, Spetz J, Reiter KL & Pink GH "Objective - To determine whether, following implementation of California's minimum nurse staffing legislation, changes in acuity-adjusted nurse staffing and quality of care in California hospitals outpaced similar changes in hospitals in comparison states without such regulations." (extract from abstract) Details
Effective strategies for nurse retention in acute hospitals: A mixed method study International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2011 Van den Heede K, Florquin M, Bruyneel L. Aiken L, Diya L, Lesaffre E & Sermeus W "Objectives - First, to examine the impact of nursing practice environments, nurse staffing and nurse education on nurse reported intention to leave the hospital. Second, to provide understanding of which best practices in the organization of nursing care are being implemented to provide sound practice environments and to retain nurses." (exrtact from abstract) Details
A systematic survey instrument translation process for multi-country, comparative health workforce studies International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Squires A, Aiken L, Van den Heede K, Sermeus W, Bruyneel L, Lindquist R, Schoonoven L, Stromseng I, Busse R, Brzostek T, Ensio A, Moreno-Casbas M, Rafferty AM, Schubert M & Zikos D "Objectives - To describe the pre-data collection systematic translation process used in a twelve country, eleven language nursing workforce survey." (extract from abstract) Details
The association of patient safety climate and nurse-related organizational factors with selected patient outcomes: A cross-sectional survey International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Ausserhofer D, Schubert M, Desmedt M, Blegen MA, De Geest S & Schwendimann R "Objective -The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between PSC and patient outcomes in Swiss acute care hospitals, adjusting for major organizational variables." (extract from abstract) Details
The relationship between quality of work life and turnover intention of primary health care nurses in Saudi Arabia BMC Health Services Research BioMed Central 2012 Almaki MJ, Fitzgerald G & Clarke M "Quality of work life (QWL) has been found to influence the commitment of health professionals, including nurses. However, reliable information on QWL and turnover intention of primary health care (PHC) nurses is limited. The aim of this study was to examine the relationship between QWL and turnover intention of PHC nurses in Saudi Arabia." (extract from abstract) Details
Career advancement and educational opportunites: Experiences and perceptions of internationally educated nurses Nursing Leadership Longwoods Publishing Corporation 2012 Salma J, Hegadoren KM & Ogilvie L "Little research exists on the opportunities for career advancement and education for internationally educated nurses in Canada. This interpretive descriptive study was conducted to look at the perceptions of internationally educated nurses regarding career advancement and educational opportunities in Alberta, Canada" (extract from abstract) Details
Task-shifting: experiences and opinions of health workers in Mozambique and Zambia Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2012 Ferrinho P, Sidat M, Goma F & Dussault G "his paper describes the task-shifting taking place in health centres and district hospitals in Mozambique and Zambia. The objectives of this study were to identify the perceived causes and factors facilitating or impeding task-shifting, and to determine both the positive and negative consequences of task-shifting for the service users, for the services and for health workers." (extract from abstract) Details
Anxiety symptoms among Chinese nurse and the associated factors: a cross sectional study BMC Psychiatry BioMed Central 2012 Gao Y-Q, Pan B-C, Sun W, Wu H, Wang J-N & Wang L "Nurses are an indispensable component of the work force in the health care system. However, many of them are known to work in a stressful environment which may affect their mental well-being; the situation could be worse in rapidly transforming societies such as China. The purpose of this study was to investigate anxiety symptoms and the associated factors in Chinese nurses working in public city hospitals." (extract from abstract) Details
A comparison of patient care units with high versus low levels of missed nursing care Health Care Management Review Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2012 Kalisch BJ, Gosselin K & Choi SH "The aim of this study was to gain an understanding of the differences in patient care units that had the most missed nursing care with those with the least missed nursing care." Details
Why renal nurses cope so well with their workplace stressors Journal of Renal Care European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association/European Renal Care Association 2012 Golan G, Strodl E, Hamernik E "This study aims to undertake an inductive process to better understand the stressors and the coping strategies used by renal nurses that may lead to resilience." Details
Undergraduate nursing education reform in France: from vocational to academic programmes International Nursing Review International Council of Nurses 2012 Debout C, Chevalier-Darchen F, Petit dit Dariel O & Rothan-Tondeur M "France is currently implementing a number of reforms to the healthcare and education systems. Within this context, a comprehensive reform of undergraduate nurse education was launched in 2009, bringing nurse education closer to the higher education environment. It is likely in future to move from being vocational towards becoming an academic educational programme." (extract from abstract) Details
The definition and deployment of differential core professional competencies and characteristics in multiprofessional health and social care teams Health and Social Care in the community Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Jones R, Bhanbhro SM, Grand R & Hood R "This study, undertaken in 2011, explores how different professionals within multiprofessional teams define their own and other professions’ core professional competencies, characteristics and contributions. It then compares these definitions with how different professionals deploy their time and what tasks they undertake." (extract from abstract) Details
Quality of work life among primary health care nurses in the Jazan region, Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2012 Alamlki MJ, Fitzgerald G & Clark M "Quality of work life (QWL) is defined as the extent to which an employee is satisfied with personal and working needs through participating in the workplace while achieving the goals of the organization. ... The purpose of this study was to assess the QWL among PHC nurses in the Jazan region, Saudi Arabia." (extract from abstract) Details
Evaluating the impact of a nurse residency program for newly graduated registered nurses Journal for Nurses in Staff Development Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2012 Olson-Sitki K, Wendler MC & Forbes G "The purpose of this descriptive research study was to evaluate a year-long nurse residency program using a nonexperimental, repeated measures design with qualitative questions." (extract from abstract) Details
Acculturation, collectivist orientation and organisational commitment among Asian nurses working in the US healthcare system Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Liou S-R, Tsai H-M & Cheng C-Y "Aim?- To examine the relationships between acculturation, collectivist orientation and organisational commitment among Asian nurses in US hospitals." (extract from abstract) Details
Burnout of registered nurses in South Africa Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Van der Colff JJ, Rothmann S "The aims of this study were to validate the Maslach Burnout Inventory – Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS) for registered nurses in South Africa and to analyse the differences between the levels of burnout of different biographical groups." (extract from abstract) Details
The development and piloting of electionic standardized measure on nursing work: combining engineering and nursing knowledge Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Bragadottir H, Gunnarsdottir S & Ingason HT "This paper describes the development and piloting of electronic standardized measures on nursing work (e-SMNW) for rich data gathering on the work and work environment of registered nurses (RNs) and practical nurses (PNs)." (extract from abstract) Details
Workforce utilixation of visible and linguistic minorities in Canadian nursing Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Premji S & Etowa JB "There is ample evidence of ethnic and linguistic segregation in the Canadian labour market. However, it is unknown if there is equitable representation of visible and linguistic minorities in nursing professions." (extract from abstract) Details
A literature review of nursing turnover costs Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Li Y & Jones CB "We reviewed past literature and describe the conceptualization of nurse turnover, evaluate the methodologies and calculation of costs, identify the reported range of turnover costs and provide suggestions for future study." (extract from abstract) Details
Staff perceptions fo leadership during implementation of task-shifting in three surgical units Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Henderson A, Paterson K, Burmeister L, Thomson B & Young L "This study explored leadership styles of three surgical nurse unit managers. Staff completed surveys before and after the implementation of task shifting. " (extract from abstract) Details
Staff perceptions fo leadership during implementation of task-shifting in three surgical units Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Henderson A, Paterson K, Burmeister L, Thomson B & Young L "This study explored leadership styles of three surgical nurse unit managers. Staff completed surveys before and after the implementation of task shifting. " (extract from abstract) Details
Nurse turnover in New Zealand: costs and relationships with staffing practises and patient outcomes Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 North N, Leung W, Ashton T, Rasmussen E, Hughes F & Finlayson M "To determine the rates and costs of nurse turnover, the relationships with staffing practises, and the impacts on outcomes for nurses and patients." (extract from abstract) Details
Exploring leadership capability and emotional intelligence as moderators of workplace bullying Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Hutchinson M & Hurley J "This study aimed to explore the potential for emotionally intelligent leadership as a way to mitigate bullying behaviour within nursing workplace environments." (extract from abstract) Details
Authentic leadership, empowerment and burnout: a comparison in new graduates and experienced nurses Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Laschinger HKS, Wong CA & Grau AL "Aim -To examine the effect of authentic leadership and structural empowerment on the emotional exhaustion and cynicism of new graduates and experienced acute-care nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
Generational differences and learning style preferences in nurses from a large metropolitan medical center Journal for Nurses in Staff Development Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2012 Robinson J-A, Scollan-Koliopoulos M, Kamienski M & Burke K "This cross-sectional survey examined if there is a relationship between staff nurses’ generation and their learning styles." (extract from abstract) Details
A taxonomy of nursing care orgainzation models in hospitals BMC Health Services Research BioMed Central 2012 Dubois C-A, D'Amour D, Tchouaket E, Rivard M, Clarke S & Blais R "This article contributes ... by presenting a theoretically and empirically grounded taxonomy of nursing care organization models in the context of acute care units in Quebec and comparing their distinctive features." (extract from abstract) Details
Understanding APRN distribution in the United States using NPI data The Journal for Nurse Practitioners American College of Nurse Practitioners 2012 Kaplan L, Skillman SM, Fordyce MA, McMenamin PD and Doescher MP "This study examined the 2010 Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services National Plan and Provider Enumeration System's National Provider Identifier (NPI) data to ascertain their usefulness to determine the distribution of advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) in rural and urban areas of the United States." (extract from abstract) Details
Social support and work engagement: a study of Malaysian nurses Journal of Nursing Management Wiley Periodicals Inc. 2012 Othman N, Nasurdin AM "This study addressed the question of whether social support (supervisor support and co-worker support) could contribute to the variance in work engagement." (extract from abstract) Details
Why health workers count for universal health coverage: Policy Brief 2012 Healthworkerscount 2012 "Health workers are often poorly supported, trained and equipped, under-paid and unequally distributed. All of these factors reduce the impact that health workers have on health outcomes, and unless they are concurrently addressed, a weak health workforce will undermine any effort to achieve UHC." (extract from document) Details
The labour market for human resources for health in low and middle-income countries Human Resources for Health Observer World Health Organization 2012 Scheffler RM, Bruckner T & Spetz J "This report provides an introduction to the terms and tools of labour market analysis, and connects these labour market principles to real-world case studies from three low and middle-income countries: Thailand, Rwanda, and Kenya. Recommendations for data collection are also made to allow human resource practitioners to begin their own empirical examination of health worker labour markets." Details
Insourced: How Importing Jobs Impacts the Healthcare Crisis Here and Abroad Dartmouth College Press 2012 Tulenko K "...opponents of outsourcing have argued that offshoring American jobs destroys our local industries, lays waste to American job creation, and gives foreigners the good jobs and income that would otherwise remain on our shores. Yet few Americans realize that a parallel dynamic is occurring in the healthcare sector—previously one of the most consistent sources of stable, dependable living-wage jobs in the entire nation." (extract from website) Details
Psychosocial precursors and physical consequences of workplace violence towards nurses: A longtitudinal examination with naturally occurring groups in hospital settings International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Yang L-Q, Spector PE, Chang C-H, Gallant-Roman M & Powell J "Objectives - To examine if organizational violence prevention climate as perceived by nurses predicts nurses’ physical violence exposure and if physical violence exposure predicts nurses’ somatic symptoms and musculoskeletal disorder symptoms" (extract from abstract) Details
Hospital and unit characteristics associated with nursing turnover include skill mix but not staffing level: An observational cross-sectional study International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Staggs VS & Dunton N "Objective - To explore associations between nursing unit turnover rates and several hospital- and unit-level variables, including staffing level and skill mix." Details
What are the reasons for high turnover in nursing? A discussion of presumed causal factors and remedies. International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Currie EJ, Carr Hill RA "Problems with high turnover in nursing and of maintaining adequate numbers of nurses to supply clinical staffing requirements have a long history and have therefore attracted a commensurate literature with time. An overview and discussion of the situation internationally, ... , finds that job satisfaction is often a consistent underlying determinant interacting with workplace factors and personal reasons in complex ways..." (extract from abstract) Details
Professional development model of Portuguese nurses Ordem de Enfermeiros 2011 Board of Nursing "The Professional Development Model (PDM), and specifically its Competence Certification (CCS) and Clinical Nursing Specialties Individualization (CNSIS) Systems, are part of these new professional regulatory responses, which are justified by the value they have in ensuring the continued achievement of the fundamental purpose of Ordem dos Enfermeiros, namely to promote the defense of the quality of nursing care rendered to the population, as well as the development, regulation and monitoring of nursing practice." (extract from website) Details
Building empowering work environments that foster civility and organizational trust: Testing an intervention Nursing Research Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2012 Spence Laschinger HK, Leiter MP, Day A, Gilin-Oore D & Sean P " The aim of this study was to examine the impact of a workplace intervention (Civility, Respect, and Engagement in the Workplace [CREW]) on nurses’ empowerment, experiences of supervisor and coworker incivility, and trust in nursing management." (extract from abstract) Details
The African Health Profession Regulatory Collaborative Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2012 McCarthy CF & Riley PL "This article describes the African Health Regulatory Collaborative for Nurses and Midwives and discusses its importance in implementing and sustaining national, regional, and global workforce initiatives." (extract from abstract) Details
The association between nurse staffing and hospital outcomes in injured patients BMC Health Services Research BioMed Central 2012 Glance LG, Dick AW, Osler TM, Mukamel DB, Li Y & Stone P "The impact of nurse staffing and skill mix on trauma outcomes has not been previously reported. The goal of this study was to examine whether nurse staffing levels and nursing skill mix are associated with trauma patient outcomes." (extract from abstract) Details
Job strain and family well-being among public health nurses in Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health SAGE Publications 2012 Jirapongsuwan A, Likitpornswan O, Triamchaisri SK & Chamdanasotthi P "This study aimed to examine job strain and family well-being among public health nurses. A total of 239 public health nurses participated in the study. Data were collected using a questionnaire. " (extract from abstract) Details
Innovative financing for preservice education USAID/Capacity Plus USAID/Capacity Plus "Clearly, if the world is to meet its health worker needs, new sources of funding for health worker education must be found. Below is a brief summary of some innovative forms of financing for health professional schools to consider." Details
Transformative scale up of health professional education World Health Organization 2011 World Health Organization "While the imperative to strengthen health systems and increase access to health services is gaining greater international attention, the gap between what can be done and the reality on the ground continues to widen. The transformative scale-up of health professional education aims to support and advance the performance of country health systems so as to meet the needs of individuals and populations in an equitable and efficient manner." (extract from document) Details
Ensuring a positive practice environment: Occupational safety and health for heath worker productivity (Technical Brief 4) CapacityPlus Intrahealth International 2012 Deussom R, Jaskiewicz W, Adams E & Tulenko K "Providing high-quality health care should not be hazardous to the health worker. Historically, the focus on improving health service delivery quality and ensuring patients’ rights has superseded attention to the personal safety and health of the provider (NIOSH 2009). But if health workers are not protected, how can the wellness of their patients be assured?" (extract from document) Details
Commission staff working document on an Action Plan for the EU Health Workforce European Commission 2012 European Commission "This Commission Staff Working Document describes the contribution of the EU's health workforce to meet the 2020 employment target of 75% for women and men aged 20-64. It provides the rationale for measures proposed in the action plan, annexed to the accompanying
Communication "Towards a job rich recovery", to assist Member States to address the shortages of the EU health workforce and boost job creation in the sector." (extract from document)
EU level collaboration on forecasting health workforce needs, workforce planning and health workforce trends - A feasibility study; Revised Final Report European Commission 2012 Matrix Insight "The study aimed to identify EU level actions that could support the
Member States in assessing, forecasting and planning their health workforce needs" (extract from document)
Development of an interactive model for planning the care workforce for A;berta: Case study Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2012 Bloom J, Duckett S & Robertson A "A workforce planning model was developed to test the effect of different assumptions (for instance about vacancy rates or retirement) and different policy choices (for example about the size of intakes into universities and colleges, different composition of the workforce). This case study describes the choices involved in designing the model." (extract from abstract) Details
The destinatin of Pacific Island health professional graduates from a New Zealand University Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2012 Nair SM, Mishra PR, Norris PT & Paul C "A cross-sectional postal survey was conducted to investigate retention of Pacific graduates. All graduates of Pacific ethnicity or nationality from the University of Otago in the years 1994 to 2004 in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, physiotherapy and medical laboratory science were included." (extract from abstract) Details
A narratie review on the effect of economic downturns on the nursing labour market: Implications for policy and planning Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2012 Alameddine M, Baumann A, Laporte A & Deber R " The objectives of this manuscript are to provide an overview of the potential short- and long-run impact of economic downturns on the supply and demand of nurses, and present healthcare decision makers with a framework to enhance their ability to strategically manage their human resources through economic cycles." (extract from abstract) Details
Global standards for the initial education of professional nurses and midwives World Health Organization 2009 World Health Organization "This document describes the context and process followed in developing the global standards, and presents the standards with their respective goals." (extract from document) Details
So many, yet few: Human resources for health in India Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2012 Rao KD, Bhatnagar A & Berman P "In many developing countries, such as India, information on human resources in the health sector is incomplete and unreliable. This prevents effective workforce planning and management. This paper aims to address this deficit by producing a more complete picture of India's health workforce." (extract from abstract) Details
Human resources for health: Issues and challenges in 13 Pacific islands countries University of New South Wales 2011 Doyle J, Asante A & Roberts G "This paper considers current HRH issues within PICs from the perspectives of people who manage HRH within their country health ministry. The aim of this paper is to document and highlight their key areas of common concern." (extract from document) Details
Rebuilding human resources for health: a case study from Liberia Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2011 Varpilah ST, Safer M, Frenkel E, Baba D, Massaquoi M & Barrow G "This paper illustrates the process, successes, ongoing challenges and current strategies Liberia has used to increase and improve HRH since 2006, particularly the nursing workforce." (extract from abstract) Details
A technical framework for costing health workforce retention schemes in remote and rural areas Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2011 Zurn P, Vujicic M, Lemiére C, Juquios M, Stormont L, Campbell J, Rutten M & Braichet J-M "This paper proposes a framework for carrying out a costing analysis of interventions to increase the availability of health workers in rural and remote areas with the aim to help policy decision makers. It also underlines the importance of identifying key sources of financing and of assessing financial sustainability." (extract from abstract) Details
Human resources for health and decentralization policy in the Brazilian health system Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2011 Pierantoni CR & Garcia ACP "This paper assesses whether the process of decentralizing human resources for health (HRH) management and organization to the level of the state and municipal health departments has involved investments in technical, political and financial resources at the national level." (extract from abstract) Details
Improving the implementation of health workforce policies through governance: a review of case studies Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2011 Dieleman M, Dhaw DMP & Zwanikken P "This article aims to describe how governance issues have influenced HRH policy development and to identify governance strategies that have been used, successfully or not, to improve HRH policy implementation in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC)." (extract from abstract) Details
The effect of minimum nurse staffing legislation on uncompensated care provided by California hospitals Medical Care Research and Review SAGE Publications 2011 Reiter KL, Harless DW, Pink GH, Spetz J & mark B "This study assesses whether California’s minimum nurse staffing legislation affected the amount of uncompensated care provided by California hospitals." (extract from abstract) Details
Guidelines for forming and sustaining human resources for health stakeholder leadership groups CapacityPlus Intrahealth International 2011 Gormley WJ & McCaffery J "These stakeholder leadership group (SLG) guidelines are intended to
provide a practical, clear, and user-friendly set of actions that human
resources for health (HRH) leaders at the country level can take to
successfully launch and sustain SLGs." (extract from document)
Impact and determinants of nurse turnover: a pan-Canadian study Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2010 O'Brien-Pallas L, Murphy GT, Shamian J, Li X & Hayes LJ "As part of a large study of nursing turnover in Canadian hospitals, the present study focuses on the impact and key determinants of nurse turnover and implications for management strategies in nursing units." (extract from abstract) Details
Job satisfaction and motivation of health workers in public and prive sectors: cross-sectional analysis from two Indian states Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2010 Peters DH, Chakraborty S, Mahapatra P & Steinhardt L "The objectives of the paper are to identify important aspects of health worker satisfaction and motivation in two Indian states working in public and private sectors." (extract from abstract) Details
Motivation and job satisfaction among medical staff in a Cyprus public general hospital Human Resources for Health BioMed Central 2010 Lambrou P & Kontodimopolous N "The objective of this study was to investigate how medical and nursing staff of the Nicosia General Hospital is affected by specific motivation factors, and the association between job satisfaction and motivation." (extract from abstract) Details
Mandatory overtime regulations and nurse overtime Policy, Politics, & Nursing Practice SAGE Publications 2010 Bae S-H & Brewer C "A descriptive study used data from the 2004 National Sample Survey of Registered Nurses to examine the nature and occurrence of RN mandatory, voluntary overtime, paid on-call, and total work hours and their association with mandatory overtime regulations in United States." (extract from abstract) Details
Relationships among social support, professional empowerment, and nursing career development of male nurses: A cross-sectional analysis Western Journal of Nursing Research SAGE Publications 2010 Chen S-H, Fu C-M, Li R-H, Lou J-H & Yo H-Y "The purpose of this study is to explore the relationships among social support, professional empowerment, and nursing career development and to identify the significant factors that affect nursing career development among male nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
The impact of teamwork on missed nursing care Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2010 Kalisch BJ & Lee KY "The purpose of this study was to determine if the level of nursing teamwork impacts the extent and nature of missed nursing care." (extract from abstract) Details
Nursing shortage in China: State, causes and strategy Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2010 Yun H, Jie S & Anli J "...this article discusses the solutions China has implemented to address its nursing shortage, and the challenges that it is currently facing." (extract from abstract) Details
Mentoring women faculty of color in nursing academia: Creating an environment that supports scholarly growth and retention Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2010 Mkandawire-Valhmu L, Kako PM & Stevens PE "Drawing from our own experiences as mentees and mentors, and bringing in literature to substantiate our argument, we examine racism and its ramifications for academic nursing and recommend strategies for opposing racism and encouraging collaborative mentorship." (extract from abstract) Details
Lifestyle health promotion interventions for the nursing workforce: a systematic review Journal of Clinical Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Chan CW & Perry L " Study aims were to identify the efficacy of lifestyle health promotion interventions intended to improve behavioural health risk factors and/or behavioural or clinical outcomes of working-age nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
Measuring the nursing workload per shift in the ICU Intensive Care Medicine Springer 2012 Debergh DP, Myny D, Van Heerzeele I, Van Maele G, Miranda DR & Colardyn F " The aim of this study was to evaluate if differences in nursing workload between consecutive shifts can be identified by a nursing workload measurement tool." (extract from abstract) Details
Emotional intelligence as a moderator in the stress-burnout relationship: a questionnaire study on nurses Journal of Clinical Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Gorgens-Ekermans G & Brand T "Aims and objectives.? To investigate inter-relationships between emotional intelligence (EI), work stress and burnout in a group of nurses in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. The moderating effect of EI in the stress–burnout relationship and group differences (nurses working in different wards) in burnout were also investigated." (extract from abstract) Details
Oppression and exposure as differentiating predictors of types of workplace violence for nurses Journal of Clinical Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Rodwell J & Demire D "Aims and objectives.? To extend a model of the antecedents of workplace bullying to apply to a wider range of types of workplace aggression, including bullying and several types of violence, among nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
The relationship between social skills and early resignation in Japanese novice nurses Journal of Nursing Management Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2011 Nitsuma M, Katsuki T, Sakuma Y & Sato C "The aim of this study was to reveal the relationship between social skills and early resignation in Japanese novice nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
'Struggling to be an insider': a phenomenological design of new nurses' transition Journal of Clinical Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2012 Lee HY, Hsu M-T, Li P-L & Sloan RS "Aims and objectives - To obtain a comprehensive understanding of the transition process of new nurses in Taiwan." (extract from abstract) Details
Psychological consequences of bullying for hospital and aged care nurses International Nursing Review International Nursing Review & International Council of Nurses 2012 Rodwell J & Demir D "Aim:? This study examines the psychological consequences of workplace bullying by negative affectivity (NA) and demographics for hospital and aged care nurses." (extract from abstract) Details
Nurse educator simulation: Preparing faculty for clinical nurse educator roles Clinical Simulation in Nursing International Nursing Assocition for Clinical Simulation and Learning 2012 Shellenbarger T & Edwards T "This manuscript provides ideas for planning, implementation, and suggestions for simulation technology use in the training of nurse educators for their role in clinical teaching." (extract from abstract) Details
Preferences for working in rural clinics among trainee health professionals in Uganda: a discrete choice experiment BMC Health Services Research BioMed Central 2012 Rockers PC, Jaskiewicz W, Wurts L, Kruk ME, Mgomella GS, Ntalazi F & Tulenko K "We investigated preferences for job characteristics among final year medical, nursing, pharmacy, and laboratory students at select universities in Uganda." (extract from abstract) Details
The transition of newly licensed nurses into the Workforce: Implementing a designated transition unit in a community hospital healthcare system Nurse Leader Elsevier 2012 Ready RWm Fater K, Conley C, Rebello L & Cordeira S "We had a goal to lower our turnover rate (9.1%), and as a result, we were in a perpetual orientation mode. National registered nurse (RN) attrition rates for RNs in their first year of employment are reported at an even higher rate of 30%.1 It became clear that innovative solutions were needed." (extract from abstract) Details
Empowering staff nurses though unit-level shared governance: The nurse executive's role for success Nurse Leader Elsevier 2012 Brandt JA, Edwards DR, Cox-Sullivan S & Zehler JK "The nurse executive has a significant role, through active participation and leadership, in implementing and sustaining unit-level shared governance (ULSG). Additionally, the nurse executive's participation promotes the enculturation of the shared decision-making process for the front-line staff." (extract from abstract) Details
Nurse staffing, burnout, and health care-associated infection American Journal of Infection Control Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology 2012 Cimiotti JP, Aiken LH, Sloane DM & Wu ES "Linear regression was used to estimate the effect of nurse and hospital characteristics on health care–associated infections." (extract from abstract) Details
Survey of nurse employers in California University of California 2012 Bates T, Keane D, Spetz J "This report summarizes the findings of a survey conducted in spring 2012 of Chief Nursing Officers at general acute care hospitals in California, to evaluate the overall demand for RNs in the state." (extract from document) Details
How nursing managers respond to intraprofessional aggression: Novel strategies to an ongoing challenge Health Care Manager Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2012 St-Pierre I " Twenty-three semistructured interviews were conducted in both a university-affiliated psychiatric hospital and a community hospital located in a large metropolitan city in Ontario. The study aimed at broadening the understanding of how nurse managers respond to intraprofessional and interprofessional workplace aggression." (extract from abstract) Details
Migration: a concept analysis from a nursing perspective Journal of Advanced Nursing Blackwell Publishing Ltd 2011 Freeman M, Baumann A, Blythe J, Fisher A & Akhtar-Danesh N " International migration is increasing and nurse migrants are active participants in this movement. Migration is a complex term and can be examined from a range of perspectives. Analysis of nurse migration is needed to guide policy, practice and research." (extract from abstract) Details
Case study methodology in nurse migration research: An integrative review Applied Nursing Researcg Elsevier 2012 Freeman M, baumann A, Fisher A, Blythe J, Akhtar-Danesh N "The purpose of this article was to conduct an integrative review of case study methodology (CSM) in nurse migration research. Findings identify where studies using CSM have been conducted, by whom, and the themes explored." (extract from abstract) Details
Nurses with disabilities: A pilot test of the nurses' attitides toward nurses with disabilities scale Journal of Research in Nursing SAGE Publications 2012 Matt SB "The aims of this pilot study were to describe registered nurses’ attitudes toward nurses with disabilities in the hospital nursing work force, explore factors contributing to these attitudes and explore the concept of disability climate in the hospital workplace." (extract from abstract) Details
Professorial roles: a study of the professorial populations within nursing and midwifery, social work and allied health professions Journal of Research in Nursing SAGE Publications 2012 Jackson CS, Callinan C & Cowell A "A survey was undertaken from sample populations in each of the three professorial groups in order to obtain qualitative and quantitative data on professorial roles and activities, career pathway information and support mechanisms for professorial positions." (extract from abstract) Details
Regional differences in job satisfaction for mainland Chinese nurses Nursing Outlook Elsevier 2011 Tao H, Zhang A, Hu J & Zhang Y "Purpose: To compare the differences between northern and southern hospitals in Mainland China with respect to nurses’ job satisfaction." (extract from abstract) Details
Effective retention strategies for midcareer critical care nurses: a Q-method study Nursing Research Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 2012 Lobo VM, Fisher A, Baumann A & Akhtar-Danesh N " The aim of this study was to discover what midcareer critical care nurses perceive would be effective retention strategies." (extract from abstract) Details
Workplace aggression, including bullying in nursing and midwifery: A descriptive survey (the SWAB study) International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Farrell, GA & Shafiei T "Objectives - To report on the nature and extent of workplace aggression, including bullying experienced by nurses and midwives in Victoria, Australia." (extract from abstract) Details
Staying the course: Factors influencing pre-registration nursing student progression into year 2 - A retrospective cohort study International Journal of Nursing Studies Elsevier 2012 Wray J, Barrett D, Aspland J & Gardiner E "This paper is a report of a study that aimed to examine factors connected to progression and attrition by mapping student characteristics against Year 1 progression data." (extract from abstract) Details