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What is the GNLI Environment?

What is the GNLI Environment?

We have been very selective in choosing a suitable venue for the GNLI. We believe it is important for you to feel comfortable and secure in an environment conducive to the type of personal and team development we wish you to engage in at the GNLI. Your attendance at the GNLI is a valuable and unique opportunity to learn from each other, benefit from international faculty and contribute effectively to your senior leadership journey.

In consideration of this we have chosen a small venue in which we occupy the majority of the rooms during the GNLI. This venue is very suitable for the GNLI purpose and previous participants have appreciated its highly conducive learning environment. However, it is not a traditional hotel but a retreat and a conference centre located in the countryside. Thus, it does not have all services offered at a hotel such as room service and dry cleaning of laundry. Please click here for further information about the venue: http://bossey.ch/en

Applicants are advised that all participants will have their own bedroom with en suite facilities. Half of the rooms will be located at the venue's main building and the other half will be located 300m away from the main building in the new facilities inaugurated in October 2011. Please note that some of the rooms are small. There is no room service and the venue is not located near any shopping center.

In the interests of fairness to all participants ICN will allocate rooms to participants at random and we are unfortunately not in a position to meet personal accommodation requests, except to address the needs of participants with disabilities.

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